Bold + Beautiful Texas Wedding Film
December 9, 2015
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I love a bold Bride and this Southern sweetie is just that and more. She wasn't afraid to mix patterns from the La Tavola linens to the pretty prints on her maid's dresses courtesy of Bella Bridesmaid. Elan Makeup Studio ensured she shined her brightest and with Owl & Tree Films capturing every second, we too get to feel like the lucky guests at this beautiful bash. Sit back and enjoy this Texas treat!
From the Bride... After months of planning a year long travel adventure around the world with my brother and a few friends, Robert conveniently interceded. February 2014 was my tentative departure date and in January I decided that the year long travel adventure could be put on hold, because he was worth waiting back for. I am so thankful I stayed!

We met at a mutual friend's lake house over Memorial Weekend, both surprised we hadn't met each other sooner. I had announced at the lake that a friend and I were going to hike to the Guadalupe mountains and needed some company. A few days after meeting at the lake, I got a call from Robert saying he wanted to join us on the hike. Our first group date consisted of 14 hour car ride to and from the Guadalupe mountains. We always tell each other we both knew that if we could hold an interesting conversation for 14+ hours on our first "date," the odds were in our favor. We spent the weekend hiking, talking, drinking wine at sunset, cooking burgers on a portable stove, and two-stepping at the top of Texas.

So many things I love about Robert; his laugh and sense of humor, his wisdom, his love for family, his loyalty, his positivity is contagious, his faithfulness, his ambition and dedication, his sense of adventure, his curiosity, and most of all the way he loves me. I could not have possibly asked for a man who effortlessly loves me every single day of his life. I am so excited for this new chapter in life and so very thankful you have chosen me to be your wife. I am excited to take on the challenges of life with you by my side.

From the Groom... After two long years of working in New York, I made the decision to move back to Texas – it was the best decision I ever made. I met Kelcey for the first time at the Daigle's lake house during a Memorial Day weekend getaway with a few friends. I introduced myself and attempted to charm her with a well-thought out pickup line about how her beautiful necklace matched her inner beauty – it didn't work. A couple weeks went by and we all went back to the Daigle's for their 4th of July weekend party. After failing several times to impress her / get her attention, I decided to go to extreme measures and pull out the only card I had left. If not executed perfectly, my chances would be shot. Needless to say, my 2-steppin moves were executed to perfection and the rest is history. The last two years have been the best of my life. Kelcey is truly the kindest, most caring, and loving person I have ever met in my life. She makes me want to be a better person every day that I'm with her. I can't wait to love and treat her right for the rest of our lives.

From the Bride... Right after we were engaged, we took a leap and moved to NYC for Robert's job. Nothing like moving over 3,000 miles away to plan a wedding (not to mention I planned the entire wedding on my own). I have always had a passion for planning and organizing events (I plan large corporate events for Deloitte for a living) - my taste is very eclectic and "mismatched." I wanted Robert and my personalities to shine through every detail of the wedding.

Our linens were my most favorite! I chose three separate linens each with a bold pattern, my favorite being one with pom pom flowers that that were attached to the linen (still in the neutral family), however it definitely gave the room character. I also used blue and white antique vases for our florals accompanied by candelabras which I have always loved. I love how candelabras can add so much to a room - they are so royal and classic. I feel like many weddings get lost in the "everything needs to match" category - but I completely disagree! The more patterns and more colors the better. As you'll see, my maid of honor, Abby wore a different dress than the other bridesmaids. I thought this would be a really fun thing to do and would add color and texture to the photos.

My favorite moment (other than breaking it down on the dance floor) was standing at the altar with Robert listening to the words that were being spoken by his brother (his brother married us). We have been to so many weddings and I think the words kind of float in and out of your ears - but when it is your own wedding, the words are being spoken for the two of us together - the words then become so much more powerful and emotional. Although it all happened so fast, I could feel God's presence in that moment. Looking at all the people in the pews that had traveled near and far were there to support Robert and I in our new life together was truly remarkable.

WE LOVE CAKE. I feel like we chose very interesting flavors but everyone seemed to love the change of pace from standard vanilla and chocolate. Robert loves cowboy boots and Texas (I can't stress that enough) so naturally we designed his cake to tailor to both TCU cowboy boots and a Texas flag. The boots were made out of rice crispies. Mine were banana chocolate chip and Robert's were lemon with fresh raspberries.

My dress - oh I felt like a princess wearing it! I knew I wanted a dress that was different and had an open back. I had tried on many that had a plain open back, but I loved this particular dress because of the flowers and design that was sewn into the open back of the dress. I loved the illusion neckline - I think it is flawless and gives a different yet classic look to brides. I knew I wanted my hair to be funky (I always wear my hair up in a top knot and teased of course, i'm from Texas duh!) so I wanted a fun high neck dress that would look "cool" with my hair. Not sure any bride has ever chosen their dress based on their hair vision - but yep for me it happened!

My only piece of advice is let the love between the bride and groom outshine all the details. Although details are nice, looking back at our wedding video and seeing all of the love and laughter from that day, it was so much more important than the flowers on the table. Robert absolutely was the most important detail the day we were married.

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