Vintage Chic Marsala Wedding Inspiration
September 28, 2015
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If timeless vintage goodness is your jam, this shoot from Peter & Veronika Photography and Ponk Rentals will have you grinning ear to ear. It's has a classic, mysterious air that will transport you to a different time and place, where love forever lives. From the deep red and burgundy palette splashes across the stationery and florals to the piles of beautifully aged chairs, this gallery in THE VAULT is a vintage-lover's dream.
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From Peter & Veronika Photography...We have created this styled shoot with the thought of combining modern and trendy with something classic and timeless. On the one hand side there are new materials, trendy colours, unusual flowers and on the other classy jewelry, grandmother's dress and vintage candle holders. Our inspiration came when we saw Ponk Rentlas' warehouse full of antique and vintage furniture, which was just asking for a timeless concept.

From Ponk Rentals...The dream for this styled shoot began a long time before it finally came to live thanks to a very talented and energetic wedding photogrpaher duo Peter and Veronika. We always love the dreamy character of our warehouse. From the moment you enter you are transported to a place where time stands still. It's full of beautiful furniture that our parents collected for years (when collecting develops into a small obsession...) and you can just wonder around for hours discovering, imaging the history and recreating the future of every piece. It's full of natural light gently filtered through dusty industrial skylights that creates feeling of serenity you would not usually associated with a place like this. We were longing to capture this sentiment of re-discovering, quite creativity and day dreaming. 

Peter and Veronika, who also immediately fell under the spell of our warehouse, suggested a styled shoot inspired by the idea of eternal love we were couldn't be more excited. We thought of drama and passion of eternal life buried under the stillness of time and space, long forgotten but waiting to be brought back to life. We immediately thought of dark red of the roses, which have always been a symbol of love and passion, to be the focal point of the styling, coupled with gentler shades of purple and white calla and water lilies. We offset the drama with lush linens and silks, luxurious vintage tableware and soft candle lights. Ivy and other trailing foliage symbolizes the passage of time and slow decay of beauty just to be transformed into another form of beauty.

With this styled shoot we would like to inspire the brides not to be afraid to mix the dress from the latest collections (in our case it was the beautiful Pronovias dress from wedding avenue) coupled with vintage fur coat and jewelry with a hint of marsala. The short dress comes from a inheritance (lent by Ponk Rentals), just perfectly illustrating this timeless effect - what was beautiful 50 years ago is still very appealing now as it will be in 50 years. We coupled the vintage dress with a very trendy Hot Chocolate Boudoir Brand (Maison Maybe) .

The whole concept of stationery was entrusted to a very talented illustrator, Iveta Karpathyova, who created amazing "save the date" cards with a hand painted flowers and beautiful script.