Magical Whitsundays Wedding Film
September 23, 2015
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This next film from I Heart Productions will have you feeling all the feels. From happy tears to some of the sweetest vows we've ever heard, Dan and Lava celebrated their Big Day in a two part ceremony filled with tradition, beauty, and endless love. It's the type of story that we're beyond grateful to share and you can watch it all unfold below!
From I Heart Productions... What fun this wedding was to shoot! Dan and Lava were married over two separate days, the first day consisted of a traditional Hindu marriage ceremony at the Gunners Barracks in Mosman.

So many colours, so many traditions and a fire! We love filming Indian ceremonies as there is always an abundance to shoot. But really it was day two that we enjoyed the most. Granted that when we landed in this tropical paradise we were running on about four hours sleep, but that didn't matter.

Powered by the brightest blue water, great snorkelling and amazing sunsets we knew we would have a plethora to choose from in amazing footage. But really, it all comes down to the couple you are working with. You can have as much pretty footage as you like but you still need a special couple to make the story through their interactions. Dan and Lava are great together, both a little quirky with a great sense of humour. We can't thank Dan and Lava enough for letting us be apart of their fantastic celebration. We loved making the video and hope you love watching it!