Rustic Backyard Moscow Wedding
September 14, 2015
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You really can't go wrong with simple: a beautiful Bride, perfectly pretty petals, loved ones all around. But add in an amazing firework show to cap off the night and simple just became downright extraordinary. Captured by Lena Elisseva, with assistance by Katya Butenko, this rustic Russian celebration is simply fantastic. See it all in the Vault right here!
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From Lena Eliseeva Photo... This cozy and warm summer wedding of gorgeous Natalia and Anton was in the middle of June. The young couple decided to organize their wedding themselves, and the day was very personal and touching. I am absolutely in love with rustic outdoor weddings, and this one is my favourite because of the free and easy atmosphere.

All the decor excluding the bride's bouquet was made by a team of ten friends of the bride and groom.
And it was charming - a light and beautiful arch, eco-style polygraphy and succulents, candy-bar with caramel apples and berries - sweet joys of summer.

At the end of ceremony the guests tossed up white handkerchiefs embroidered by Natalia's own hands.

The most touching moment was the happy eyes of the groom's grandmother, the most estimable person on the wedding. And the fireworks were a bright end to that beautiful day.