Country Chic Florida Farm Wedding
April 15, 2015
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As I read the lovely story from Amalie Orrange, describing her beautiful day photographing this adorable couple, I could barely contain my excitement to dive into these images. Filled with some of the most gorgeous light I've seen, this springtime celebration was all sunny skies and smiles, warming my heart immediately. See why I'm in such a great mood with all these pretty pics right this way!
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From Amalie Orrange Photography... Katie and Austin were married at Isola Farms in Groveland, Florida. This is a cute as can be family farm that has been turned into a wedding venue and it has true Florida southern style.

There are days that just seem to click. Days where everything is just as it should be. Days that you don’t want to end. Days that every person you meet seems a bit friendlier, the flowers a bit brighter, the sun a bit more golden. Those days when you feel that everything and everyone is exactly as it should be. We love those days, especially when we get to share them with people like Katie and Austin.

We have worked with Katie in the past - she is the stylist, artist and amazing creative designer at RW Events - and each time we have worked with her we were blown away. Needless to say, we were beyond honored to be asked to photographed her day. Also, needless to say, we were a bit nervous as well. There is always butterflies, that is how I know that we still love what we do. The vision that she described was as down to earth as it was over the top. She wanted a feel that said 'come in, everyone is welcome and everyone is family.' With that being said, it’s much easier to say you want that feeling than it is to actually capture that feeling. You can have everything look exactly as you have dreamed and still have that SOMETHING missing. But Katie and Austin had it all. They knew that you can have the most beautiful venue, the prettiest flowers, the sunniest day, but without the true, genuine warmth of an inviting smile and a sincere 'I’m glad you could make it and you are very important to us' attitude, it’s still just pretty things.

Katie greeted everyone she saw with a giddy excitement that was nothing short of contagious. And even though I was meeting Austin for the first time that day, he made me feel like I was one of the most important parts of the day and he was just as happy to meet me as he was to greet an old member of the family. That is the welcome, come in and join our family feeling that Katie and Austin bring, something that we are so grateful for.

From the quiet moments before the ceremony to Katie’s dad officiating his daughter’s wedding, to the first dance under the golden sky, back-dropped by an American flag, to the cowboy boots, to the sweeping pastures, to the dancing, to the little things like the firm handshakes and warm hugs, everything was as it should be because of two people with a love that they felt everyone should share in. It was a truly magical day!