Sentimental North Carolina Family Homestead Wedding
April 13, 2015
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For many of us, family is the very epicenter of a beautiful wedding. And this stunning bride took that notion and turned it into something truly magical. Transforming an old, unlived in home that had been in the family for generations - with the help of A Southern Soiree, photographer Richard Barlow and Life Stage Films the couple said their i-do's under a handmade floral altar with heirloom details for days. And the result was nothing short of lovely.  Click here to see even more!
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From A Southern Soiree... Kathryn and Ryan were married this past October in their hometown of Clinton, North Carolina. This was a very special wedding for everyone involved especially when Kathryn and Ryan decided they wanted to host their ceremony at Kathryn's Granny Parker's house. The house and family land is filled with a million memories, including the marriage of Kathryn's parents!

From the Bride... The McPhail-Vann Family Home was built in the 1830s. It's been added to over the years and multiple members of the family have grown/lived/celebrated in that house. My Granny Parker was basically my Great-Grandmother because she raised my Grandmother and her siblings. She was actually my Great-Great Aunt who took in four young children at the age of sixteen. My father, who spent many a day playing in this home, told me all about all of the parties and holidays that were spent there with a large majority of our family. This house has always been a hub for activity and family. No matter how far family has moved away, they always come home -- this is our family homestead. Since my Granny Parker's passing, the house has been kept by my Grandmother Jo, my father, and my Aunt Mary Jo. The house has been unlived in for the past few years, but once I decided that I'd like to get married there, my mother and I had a mission to bring it back to its old glory. My mother worked hard, with the help of my dad, my aunt, my grandmother, my brothers, and my cousins, and made the house shine. Our wedding was one of three (including my parents) that took place at the house. My Great-Great Aunt Hilda was also married in the house. Multiple family wedding receptions were held there as well, including my Grandmother and Grandaddy's, my Granny Parker's and my Aunt Mary Jo's.

Reverend Richard Vaughan married my parents in the home in December of 1981. He performed many of our family's weddings! It was very important to me that he be a part of my wedding and marriage to Ryan.The ceremony was held underneath the pecan trees on the family farm, which made for the perfect backdrop. English Garden made a beautiful arbor where we dressed it up even more by adding a chandelier hanging from the tree.

After the ceremony was over, guests were invited to Coharie Country Club for dinner and dancing! At the reception we kept it very cozy for guests to feel as though they were being invited into the couple's home. Groupings of lounge furniture provided by Simply Put Vintage as well as the Bride's very talented and thrifty mother, were placed outside! As guests arrived to the reception they were asked to find their favorite Bible verse and either circle or highlight it and leave a message for the couple. We thought this was a sweet idea instead of a traditional guest book. Guests enjoyed the night full of delicious food, great music provided by Groovetown Band, and care-free dancing!