Rustic, Elegant Wedding at Blue Hill At Stone Barns
March 13, 2015
Tri State
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Love stories like this one always get me. High school sweethearts, partners in crime tying the knot in such a stylish way might just be my achilles heel. And when such a duo ties the knot at a place like Blue Hill At Stone Barns with Erik Ekroth behind the lens, Matthew Robbins working his design magic, Daughter Of Design making sure everything went off without a hitch and Valerie Barnes capturing everything on film - it just doesn't get better. See more here.
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From The Bride...Getting married at Blue Hill at Stones Barns was a dream. I’ll never forget the day Steve and I took a tour of the property on a sunny September day. We were blown away by the beauty and expansiveness the property; the courtyard was a gorgeous place for an outdoor ceremony, and the high ceilings and stonewalls of the Hay Loft dining room was incomparable to any other place we’d been. We found Blue Hill held the perfect balance of elegance and rustic charm, and was an idyllic backdrop for the autumn wedding we envisioned. And then we heard about the food. Every single person who we spoke to that has eaten at Blue Hill would rave, “That was the best meal of my life.” (We now agree with that sentiment!) Anyone that knows us knows we really love to eat, so this sealed the deal. Blue Hill was perfect!

Steve and I grew up in New Jersey together and began dating in high school at the young ages of 16 and 17. We went to different colleges, and found that while the long distance between Pittsburgh and Connecticut was hard, it ended up strengthening our relationship. Although we dated since we were young, much to our family and friend’s confusion, we did not rush to the altar! We took our time, followed our own hearts and did what made sense for us. The timing of Steve’s proposal felt just felt right. He planned a romantic day at my family’s country house in Connecticut. We cooked dinner together, and sat down afterwards to have a glass of my favorite dessert wine. With Romeo (our dog) sitting nearby Steve told me, “Romeo has been wanting me to ask you something for a long time.” With that he took out the ring and proposed. I was shocked and elated, and apparently, so was Romeo because he began sprinting around the backyard! It was beautiful and memorable, and so US.

The outpouring of love and support is what we remember most from our wedding day. People from so many aspects of our lives gathered together in a fairy tale setting to celebrate our long love, and we felt like the luckiest people in the world. Matthew Robbins Design did an incredible job creating the atmosphere we dreamed of; we loved the vibrant autumn palate that embraced the season without bringing in the typical browns and oranges associated with the fall. We loved the lantern pathways, copper tones, and all the details down to the single stem of blue delphinium that lay on each napkin. The overall warmth and lushness of the design encapsulated our love so well. We will always treasure our wedding day, and are so grateful there are photos and a video to relive the experience whenever we want!

From Valerie Barnes...Because the history of the Barber family at Blue Hill at Stone Barns dates back three generations, I thought shooting some good old fashioned film for Jessica and Steve’s wedding would perfectly capture the spirit of the place and enhance their film. Film gives a texture and look that video can never provide (although they keep trying!). Since Jessica’s aesthetic and mine meshed perfectly, she resoundingly applauded this idea. You will recognize the film by the scenes that show black bars on the top and bottom of the frame.
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