Bright Spring Bouquet Recipe
A Bright Spring Bouquet Recipe from Stone House Creative crafted at the Team Flower Workshop, captured by Heather Payne.
This morning we indulged in a bit of bloom goodness from the Team Flower workshop, thanks to Heather Payne's gorgeous snaps. And because flowers are our recipe for happiness, we've decided to keep the petal party going with a bouquet recipe of this stunner, crafted by Stone House Creative. See all the deliciously pretty ingredients below!
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Lupine: The pink spikes that give this bouquet it's playful shape and character.

Mock Orange: The dainty white blooms that dot this bouquet with sweetness.

Romantik Antike Garden Roses: The lush pink pretties that take center stage in this bouquet.

Julia Child Garden Roses: These sunshine yellow beauties brighten up the bouquet.

Cluny Garden Roses: A bit of peach thrown in for good measure, tying together the color scheme.

Photography: Heather Payne Photography | Floral Design: Stone House Creative | Event Host: Team Flower

Workshop Attendees: Floral Design: Accents Floral Design | Floral Design: Simone Gebsattel Events | Floral Design: The Day's Design | Floral Design: Wild Green Yonder | Floral Design: Philosophy Flowers | Floral Design: River Oaks Charleston | Floral Design: Stone House Creative | Floral Design: Springvine Design | Floral Design: Andraya Northrup | Floral Design: Aunt Willie's Wildflowers| Floral Design: Dimauro Originals | Floral Design: Backyard Blooms | Floral Design: Kennedy Occasions| Floral Design: Jonica Moore Studio
Additional Vendor Credits
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Heather Payne
Floral Design
Accents Floral Design
Floral Design
Aunt Willie's Wildflowers
Floral Design
Backyard Blooms
Floral Design
Dimauro Originals
Floral Design
Jonica Moore Studio
Floral Design
Philosophy Flowers
Floral Design
RiverOaks Charleston
Floral Design
Simone Gebsattel Events
Floral Design
Springvine Design
Floral Design
Stone House Creative
Floral Design, Event Host
Team Flower
Makeup, Hair
Miah Zimmerman
Family Lodge
Ariana Clare
Handmade Frame Backdrop
Kathryn Godwin Of Studio Cultivate
White Fence Farm