Vintage Elegance at Haiku Mill
January 29, 2015
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My fiancé and I are getting hitched in the contiguous states, but dears, I'm highly considering just stopping by Haiku Mill for a pretty peek during our honeymoon to Hawaii. This wildly beautiful venue wows me every single time, and today is no different. I'll let the amazing images from Jana Williams do all the talking, but trust me when I say you need to carve out a bit of your afternoon for this stunner.
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From the beautiful Bride… Jerry and I first met in San Francisco after being introduced by my best friend. We immediately started dating after the first day we met. Jerry flew back and forth every weekend to visit me in LA until he moved to LA from San Francisco 6 months later.

Last winter, during a visit to New York, is when Jerry popped the question! After a few days of touring the exciting city, there was one day left before our flight in the morning and Jerry suggested that we either visit the empire state building or the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. I was so excited when he suggested the gardens because we didn't get a chance to go on our trip the previous year and I absolutely love flowers and any kind of garden. We took a cab from Manhattan, and upon arriving, it donned on us that it was probably the worst time of the year to visit the botanical gardens, being it was a warm 35-40 degrees. Smart couple, I know. To our surprise, it was open. We walked around from garden to garden only to see brown shrubs and flowerless plants, laughing at how silly we were to visit such a place in the middle of winter. As we walked from the bonsai museum, we entered the tropical pavilion. It was so beautiful! It was filled with tropical trees, plants, and flowers from the amazon basin, African rainforest, and tropical eastern Asia. As we crossed a little bridge that took us over a streaming waterfall, he asked me if it was my favorite part of the gardens, and I said yes. He trailed behind me crossing the bridge as I looked at the amazing habitat. When I got a few steps ahead of him, he called my name, and when I turned around, there he was, on the middle of the bridge on one knee. I cried before he could spit anything out, then he asked me, I said yes then cried some more! It was so romantic and a day we will never forget!! We celebrated that night over dinner and champagne on our last night in New York City.

The wedding planning process was so fun. There wasn't much required on my part because the venue was so amazing already. I just added a few of my personal touches. I couldn’t have done it without my bridesmaids and my wedding coordinator. We had a destination wedding in Maui, so it was exciting planning a huge vacation for all of our closest friends and family.

The wedding day was truly stunning. The ambiance was of the wedding was magical, beautiful, elegant, and so much fun! Everyone looked so beautiful plus the decor had an elegant vintage garden feel to it. The beauty of the venue and the love of our friends and family overwhelmed us in the best way possible. We will always remember our wedding as a blessing because it could have easily been canceled since the Island was under national hurricane alert. Luckily, the day of my wedding was sunny and beautiful, we couldn't be more grateful for such a gorgeous day. We have never had so much fun and it was truly the best day of our lives.