Backyard Oregon DIY Wedding
September 10, 2014
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You know those scrumptious pink bridesmaids' dresses you're about to pin (I KNOW you are) they're handmade just like the rest of this backyard love-fest. That's right...handmade. It's what happens when you've got a DIY savvy bride with The Perfect Occasion by her side, and the result is one, big gorgeous gallery from Anne Blodgett. Dive in right here.
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From Anne Blodgett Photography...Super excited to share this backyard Oregon wedding with you! Denay and Hank's wedding, which was at their own home, was all about the DIY. The bride and her mom literally made just about everything - the bridesmaid's dresses, groomsmen's suits, flower girl dress, invitations, the cheesecake/ cupcakes, and the BBQ dinner. The groom even made the ceremony arch out of old barn wood and rusted tin roofing. The decor that wasn't crafted was either antiqued or handpicked by the bride. And the florals? I'm in love, and I hope you are, too.

From The Bride...The vision for our wedding was rustic meets vintage with touches of elegance. Our goal was to hand-make the decor with things that were readily available, or pick up at antique shops throughout Oregon. Some of my favorite handmade items include all of the bridal party attire (except the Bride and groom). The groomsmen were in a light grey vest and slacks, which were made by my mother, Denise Martin. The bridesmaids were in a salmon strapless dress with rosette skirt, also made by my mom. The ring bearer/flower girl attire was handmade by Denise as well. Also my husband and I had a lot of fun making the wood guest signing slab. It came from logging job in Oregon. We planed and sanded the slab down ourselves and added bar topcoat to give its shine.

Also, we tore old pallets apart to make the "old wood flooring" affect to some of the centerpieces. To save money I hand cut and painted the chevron letters on tables. Also all of the burlap and lace runners with put together by Denise Martin. Lastly my Husband Hank Mast hand built the wedding arch from old barn wood that we found from a local barn that had been pieced apart a few miles from our home. The tin he used we found on our property. Some extra special touches that made the day even more special were the ruby earrings that were given to me by my grandmother and originated as a wedding gift in 1910 to my great, great, great grandmother. I wore them in honor of her. Also the pearl ring that was given to me from my husband as a wedding gift. It has been in his family for many years.

I had the vision for this wedding but it could not have come together like it did without the help of day coordinating and florals by Andrew Calvert of The Perfect Occasion.