Classy Sun West Studios NYC Wedding
September 4, 2014
Tri State
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This soiree from Betsi Ewing? It's a New York City classic through and through. Clean lines, white backdrops, crisp ivory florals and killer style (hello gorg Carolina Herrera dress!)… and did I mention it's sprinkled with the cutest of kiddos? It's a sweet sophistication that will keep you coming back for more.
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From Betsi Ewing Studio… While in New York for business Madrid native Daniel was introduced to Gitty through a mutual friend. Neither knew they were being set up when they arrived at the now defunct Hotel Griffou in the West Village. Their dating savvy friend had thought it best they meet before having the opportunity to Google each other, and not because either was sitting on extensive criminal indictments but because she thought the "old fashioned way" stopped both from arriving with pre-conceived notions. Two weeks after they first met, Daniel returned to New York and took Gitty on four dates in a row. And while Gitty thought the relationship was most likely not going anywhere due to the fact that their homes sat on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean, she still accepted his invitation to join him in Madrid for a week. And from there began a back and forth between Madrid and NYC which still continues today. They decided to get married in New York because it was where they met but also because it was halfway between Gitty's family in Los Angeles and Daniel's family in Spain. They married in an open plan loft in Chelsea surrounded by 140 of their closet friends and family. Their friend Jeff, who performed the ceremony, described it as the joining together of Gitty's 120 friends with Daniel's 20. It was a wonderful night of which they remember very little outside of the ceremony and the tug of war over the air conditioning. The Spanish contingency felt strongly that any air conditioning was too much while the Americans explained that sweating was not an attractive look. In the end, a compromise over the thermostat was reached. No doubt the first of many to come.