Romantic San Francisco City Hall Elopement
September 3, 2014
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One day, focused on two sweet souls and their love for one another. That's what this endearing San Francisco City Hall elopement from Coco Tran is all about. It embraces the quieter moments, the soft smiles of anticipation and deep affection these two beautiful people have for each other. And let's face it, when you top that all off with a stunning bow-front Vera Wang dress? It's a complete package of love.
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From Coco Tran...A beautiful a special elopement between two of the sweetest souls. Bessie and Dean are two of the most endearing and fun loving human beings I've ever met. They are both young yet share so much love, joy, and wisdom about love. I have asked Dean and Bessie why they have decided to elope in the city hall instead of planning an large and elaborate wedding as they were first planning to, Dean graciously said to me, " We feel that the marriage is more important than the wedding" .