Elegant DIY Wedding at Temecula Creek Inn
September 2, 2014
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Elegant garden weddings are pure magic to me. They just seem to blend everything I love most about weddings effortlessly into an evening I could stare at all day long. And when We Heart Photography is behind the lens, doing so is extra enjoyable. Join me here.
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From The Bride...We were middle school acquaintances turned into high school and college sweethearts. To us, it was so unexpected, but God's plan is perfect and wonderful. The minute we got engaged, Elias's mom started buying me every wedding magazine on the stands within a 50 mile radius. I couldn't even say how many pages of Martha Stewart Weddings that I have flipped through. I wanted something with a classic, yet garden feel. As soon as I chose our color pallet of black, white, and gold, the rest all fell into place.

The DIY projects were out of control (I blame, yet praise Pinterest). I made all of the signs around the venue, which was time-consuming, but so worth it. I created my own stencils with the chosen fonts of our wedding and used chalkboard markers on every piece. The ribbon wands took the most effort. After the idea was given to me by our wedding coordinator, Greg Sack, I decided to make them on my own. Over 100 white-painted dowels and black and gold sequin ribbon spools later, I had made the perfect take-home gift for guests and a unique way to exit the ceremony with my new husband. I also made the fabric garland that hung in front of the stonehouse. I made it the day before the wedding and was ready to throw it in the trash if it looked less than perfect, but it worked like a charm! If you asked my husband what DIY he remembers, he'll remember bringing me endless Starbucks drinks as I sat on my living room floor jamming out project after project.

My favorite moment was seeing Elias at the end of the aisle. My heart could have beat right out of my chest. His adorable hands covered his face. Everyone watched, yet I felt like it was only us looking at each other. We decided not to text/call/Instagram anything from after the rehearsal dinner until to moment we saw each other down the aisle. My stomach was in knots all night. The moment we saw each other again was like being reunited with my best friend after missing him for what felt like months. All of the weeks of preparation were for this moment. God's presence was so tangible to me, and it was the most incredible feeling to see my almost husband looking at me for the first time as his almost wife.

Advice...Don't communicate the night before the wedding. My favorite moment of the best day of our lives was thanks to our decision to do this. It was so hard, but so incredibly worth it. Take the last night before your married and celebrate with your bridesmaids, sisters, mother, or family. It makes the night special in so many ways. Don't sweat the small stuff. As easy as it is to be frustrated that the best man has drank enough for the entire bridal party, it's not worth the stress and drama. Be flexible and in moments of anxiety, turn to your new husband. They tend to be wound a little less tightly on the Big Day, so they have wedding day advice gems (like Eli: 'Chlo, today is all about us. They're having a great time. That's exactly what we wanted this night to be: fun). Cherish every moment. From the flower girl wearing the wrong color shoes to your best friend breaking out the Ray Bans for his rendition of 'Gangnam Style', you'll want to soak it all in. As stressful as the day can be, let the stress melt into memories. When it comes down to it, the day is all about you and your brand new hubby. Kiss when you want to kiss. Dance together until the last song plays. Take a huge deep breath and look at the view around you, because it goes by all to quickly.