DIY Backyard Texas Wedding
September 1, 2014
Al FrescoCasualRustic
I want to squeeze this wedding it's so darling. It's charming yet gorgeous, with so much heart I can feel the love through every gorgeous image snapped up by Luxe Photography. The result is a wedding that will probably dance in my dreams for some time now, and trust me, I have no complaints. See why here.
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From The Bride...Chris and I met on my 22nd birthday at my parents house. The story of how we met is something we still laugh about today. Chris owns a computer/internet company in Brady, Tx. My parents were new to town, and called his company to have internet installed into their new home. I was living in Dallas at the time, and was only there to help them get settled and celebrate my birthday with family. Chris and his brother came to set everything up, and throughout the day my dad had been hinting at me that he thought Chris was handsome and I should "make a move". I would roll my eyes, exclaim "Dad, he's gross!", and ignore him. It was probably a 100 degrees that day and Chris was covered in sweat and dirt.. and I was not interested. Towards the end of the day, Chris was wrapping up his work and about to leave when my parents told me they had invited him to my party that night. I was embarrassed, and fairly annoyed, when they insisted I go outside and invite him myself. Reluctantly, I went outside to tell him he should come to the party. He told me no a couple of times saying he didn't want to impose- I reassured him it was fine, so he agreed. That evening, a very attractive man walks around the corner of the house and knocked on the door. Chris cleaned up very nice, and I was quite taken with him. The rest, truly is history!

After two years of dating, Chris proposed and we started the adventure of planning a wedding. I like to work with my hands and tend to love the DIY wedding, and details- so from the beginning I knew that's what I wanted to do. Chris and I both wanted our guests to feel comfortable and enjoy the day just as we would. At first our guest list was quite large for us, at about 140 people. After much evaluation and hiccups in our planning, we decided the best route was a family oriented wedding in my parents backyard; the very place we met.

Chris's family owns a ranch just north of town, and Chris really wanted to have the ceremony out there. The property sits up high, offering a beautiful view of the stretching country side. It was lovely and so sentimental!

Chris's mom placed an order at an Austin flower market, and drove the flowers 2 hours to Brady. With the help of my Maid of Honor and Bridesmaid, we created the bouquets, bouts, centerpieces and all of the decor the day before the wedding. I could not have been more pleased with the result, they turned out romantic, soft, and exactly what I envisioned! For the cake/dessert table, I wanted something that was homemade, and fun! My mother-in-law made my wedding cake and cupcakes, and my Aunt Beth brought the Texas Tech cake from a bakery in Denton, Tx. I made the programs myself with Photoshop, and printed them out at home!

The whole day went exactly as planned. We wouldn't have chosen any other way to share our day with our loved ones. The only vendors we hired were the caterer and a photographer. Above everything else, we wanted to come out of the wedding with amazing pictures that we could look back on and cherish for years. We couldn't have picked someone better! Jennifer from Luxe Photography was utterly amazing, and she captured our day more beautifully than we could have imagined!