Rainy Engagement in Venice
August 22, 2014
Venice is easily one of the most romantic places in the world, so having your engagement session set there only makes sense. With Oksana Bernold behind the lens these two world travelers took to the streets (and gondolas!) of the city for a photo session that'll leave you speechless. Happy Friday, pretties!
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From the Bride... We are an international couple, I am from the Crimea and my beloved Marco is an Italian living in Switzerland. We have very much in common - we are both very sociable and energetic, emotional and creative, share the same humor. We are passionate travelers, adore to discover foreign countries and people, their habits and certainly their cuisine!

The photo session with our talented photographer Oksana Bernold in one of the most unique, beautiful and extraordinary places in the world was just a gift from heaven. It was rainy in the evening of our photo session, but we didn’t notice the rain, we just enjoyed ourselves and being photographed.

I have always been in love with Venice, it's the magical city of pure romance. It might happen that our grandchildren won’t see Venice like it is now, but they will have our photographs and they will be able to see us, so happy and in love.