Gorgeous Wedding Garter Inspiration
August 21, 2014
Today darlings, we're talking garters. Gorgeous garters from The Wedding Garter Co. that is. When they sent over their most recent collection which radiates a sultry, yet graceful style, we couldn't help but dig for a little behind the scenes info about this handmade company from England. And when it comes to the imagery from Gooch & Gawler, we're completely smitten. Peruse their lovely designs in the gallery!
SMP: Tell us a bit about The Wedding Garter Co.
TWGC: The Wedding Garter Co is an English maker of luxury wedding garters. We hand make every single element of our garters, no shortcuts. By selling online direct to our lovely brides we bring the quality of 'handmade in England' to the world at prices much lower than would be possible in stores. Thanks to the joy of air travel we offer free shipping to most of the world, including the USA, in just a few days.
SMP: How would you describe your newest garter designs?
TWGC: Our most recent additions to the collection are 6 lace bridal garters. We source our bridal lace from a bespoke lace maker in northern England who created the lace for the wedding gown of the Duchess of Cambridge when she married Prince William. Owned by the same family since 1848 their lace is of the finest quality available worldwide and it is a joy to create with!
SMP: What are some creative uses for garters?
TWGC: A garter can fulfill a few different parts of the wedding traditions. We have a 'something blue' collection of course but it can also be your 'something new'. All our garters are designed as heirloom pieces to be passed on, even our boxes are super heavyweight to last decades, so at some point we hope they will be passed onto the children of our brides and become 'something old' too!
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