Moroccan Style South Beach Shore Club Wedding
August 14, 2014
United States
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We can always count on Miami weddings to splash gorgeous color across our pretty pages and this Moroccan-styled soiree is no exception. Packed with palms, turquoise blue waters, coral charm peonies and gilded Kate Spade heels, it's an explosion of vibrant love. But the brightest of all? The stunning Bride, done up pretty by South Beach Makeup Studio. Have a look at Beca C Photography's imagery right here.
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From the beautiful Bride… Our day was magical and turned out exactly as we had envisioned. It was amazing because we discussed later that as the day played out we both kept thinking to ourselves that it was exactly how we had pictured. While we wanted a laid back outdoor vibe our theme was beachy Moroccan style and Shore Club had the perfect backdrop for this. We added in tons of lanterns, candles, string lights on the trees, and the most gorgeous colorful bouquets with garden roses, succulents, ranunculus, etc. The wedding colors of coral, peach, white, and gold played perfectly against the navy blue groomsmen suits and the yellows, greens and blues of the Shore Club pots. Our DIY projects included the table themes of cities we had been to which included a photo of us in that city at each table; homemade gift bags for each hotel guest with Advil, sunglasses, Utz Chips, Hershey Kisses (both Pennsylvania snacks for Kate's home state), customized match books, and Perrier water as well as a note with the schedule for the week; and the special pre-wedding mix CD that Ron created and sent out a week prior to the wedding so people could get excited while traveling to and hanging out before the wedding. The theme of the event was #READY and all guests were asked to Instagram photos to a special hashtag with our initials, the wedding date and the word "ready" in it. Also our save the date was a short video set to a song "Are You Ready?" created by Ron of me getting ready in our room while he is on his way home to get me and at the end of the video he asks if I am ready and I say I'm ready. Other things that made our day so special were the food (a whole pig at the Cuban themed dinner was a huge hit); the personalized ceremony (they did a traditional Filipino rope ceremony; four friends each picked a reading which they presented; and Ron surprised Kate by singing a song he wrote for her!); and lanterns which were released on the beach at the end. As gifts bridesmaids each received a beautiful flowered robe in either mint, turquoise or coral and the bride wore one in white. The groomsmen each received a cigar box with a tie, tie bar, pocket square, cigar and Wu Tang Clan tshirt (9 groomsmen and 9 wu tang members).

From Beca C Photography...Six years ago when we met, Kate was living in Philadelphia and Ron in New York. Kate was visiting NY one weekend to see a close friend from college who was dating Ron's best friend. Kate and Ron instantly hit it off but Ron had to leave early that night because he got sick. He ended up asking Kate's friend for her email address and since then they kept in touch and gradually Ron started making the visit to Philadelphia every now and then to take Kate to dinner. These trips got more frequent and eventually they were exclusive. After a year of long distance dating Kate made the move to NY and by the time they got engaged they had lived together almost three years. Ron's friend is no longer with Kate's friend but we thank them for being our unofficial matchmakers! When Ron proposed on 2/23/13 they were visiting Philadelphia for Kate's best friend's birthday. After brunch the two of them decided to walk by Kate's old apartment. As Kate was posing for a photo in front of it that Ron was taking, Kate's friend came running over to her from the coffee shop next store. As Kate was distracted by this, Ron was getting down on one knee with the ring. Kate's friend was all ready to snap photos as he asked Kate to marry him. After Kate said yes Ron suggested they go grab a drink at the same bar they had gone on their first official date, Buffalo Billiards, and when they walked in, both of their families were there to surprise Kate and celebrate with them for the first of the day by playing darts, pool, and ski ball and drinking beer. Ron had coordinated this entire day for months and got their entire families to travel here without Kate having a clue. It was extra special since their families had never met so they finally had the chance to spend some quality time together.