Colorful Wedding Cake Inspiration
August 14, 2014
Spring Weddings
I've always been one to stay in the "keep it classic" camp when it came to wedding cakes. But that, m'dears, was before I laid eyes on Dreamin Desserts' work-of-art confections that changed my mind in three seconds flat. From bold designs to rich colors, they're the kind of cakes that could steal the show, and in case you want more (of course you do!) Marina Koslow snapped a whole gallery right here.
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From Tracy of Dreamin Desserts... To take you on the journey of my sweet beginning, we need to travel to Zurich Switzerland where I worked as a dental hygienist. There I enjoyed travel and what Europe had to offer in the sweet world, but American desserts brought me closer to home. After baking for friends in Zurich, I wanted to take my hobby into a profession, which lead me back to my hometown Bend Oregon and to the International School of Baking, owned by world renowned Chef Marda Stoliar.

I returned to Zurich after my training with Marda and opened Sugars, an American bakery where I wholesaled American Cheesecakes, wedding, birthday cakes and cupcakes thru out Switzerland. After 13 years in Zurich, I felt that it was time to come home back to Bend working as a dental hygienist part-time and a pastry assistant at the International School of Baking to further my craft and assist students following their baking dreams. I now want to take that passion of desserts and make wedding dreams come true.