San Francisco Wedding at the Asian Art Museum Wedding
August 13, 2014
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This wedding defines lovely. The kind of lovely that just makes you want to squeal with glee for this Bride and her picture perfect day. Planned to perfection by Stacey And Company with beautiful florals from  McCalls Catering & Events, this gallery from Kristen Wood is simply overflowing with pretty, and you can see it all here.
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From The Bride...For the reception, we loved the idea of using a public space & that some of the wedding costs would go to something worthy (like preserving art!). The Asian Art Museum, all openness and marble and light, was an easy choice. At some point we also learned that the architect who designed the space, was the same one who designed the Musee D' Orsay in Paris, which happened to be where Michael and I were the day we got engaged!

The day really felt like a collection of perfect moments strung together by a sort of euphoric disbelief that I would be married to my best friend by the day’s end. It’s hard to pluck out a favorite moment when I was spoiled with so many, but here are a few I come back to all the time:

I loved putting on my Godmother's shoes. My aunt Kirsty is not only my personal hero, but also a personal style icon. What started at 11 (when I finally hit a size 9 and inherited a pair of her Converse sandals) grew into a extremely fruitful one-sided shoe relationship I'm still shamelessly benefiting from today. But never so meaningfully as I did on the morning of the wedding. It was truly an honor & a special delight wear the same shoes both she and my aunt Melina both wore on their wedding days.

I loved our ride to the church. Between the champagne pulls and marriage advice, I remember feeling so thankful for my mom, step-mom and bridesmaids-- who had not only spent the entire day with me, but had been wildly generous with their time, effort, ideas, and patience to help me plan out that day for months. And just perfectly stunning, all of them.

I loved the few minutes spent alone with my dad before we walked down the aisle. Hearing the first few chords of Ave Maria start, waiting for the doors to open, seeing the emotion on his face and knowing the same was on mine, knowing we were in it together-- it was all really wonderful.

Predictably, I most loved the moments I got alone with Michael. Holding his hand for the first time that day, as we looked out on our friends and family during the ceremony, was like coming home. Our trip to Land's End for photos was magical.

Walking into our reception was like walking through a dream-- seeing a million tiny decisions I'd made as one collective expression in reality was a bizarre and fantastic experience.

And every single second I got to spend in that dress. Every. single. second.

My only advice to other brides is to delegate. I wish I listened to it more. The best is also yet to come! I found that as long as I kept the end goal in sight and focused on how excited I was for the actual marriage, the planning-related panic/stress/anxiety would dissolve. Also: Bring water to the Church. Try to get a second alone during the day to breathe it all in. Carry breath mints. Bring dancing shoes to change into, and stay close to your husband.