Chic Backyard Wedding in Beverly, Massachusetts
August 13, 2014
New England
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An intimate backyard wedding filled to the brim with chic stylings and love? Sign me up. You'll want to sign yourself up too when you see all the sweet images from Ebersole Photography, because there is no resisting the sweetness sitting in this gallery, and you can see what I mean here.
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From The Bride...Sandy is originally from Baltimore and I'm from Beverly, Massachusetts. We met in Brooklyn, while he was in grad school for architecture and I was making my first music videos (I'm a filmmaker). But we bonded on a rock-climbing trip with mutual friends: playing new music for each other, singing and car-dancing the whole ride. We began dating and eventually moved to Los Angeles together, where we currently live.

We decided to have our wedding at my parents house in Beverly, MA, which is a really unique historic house. Planning the wedding, our focus was on having an epic dance party with amazing music which celebrated our two big families. We were married at Manchester First Parish church, which has great acoustics and a beautiful room-shaking organ. My talented sister Kat and bridesmaid Kelly, a bluegrass musician, sang a beautiful acoustic version of an Adele song, and Sandy's cousin played Spanish Guitar. In addition, the Beverly High School Vocal Ensemble sang three beautiful acapella songs, including "In "Do you Realize" by the Flaming Lips. I still can't believe that actually happened. The choral director Lyn is now my personal hero.

For the reception, we hired "Madhouse," a soulful mo-town band that kept us dancing all night. My sister and Kelly both sang with the band for different songs: Kelly did a beautiful slow-dance version of "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" for our first dance, and everyone began singing along. It was a moment. Kat made a hilarious vampy entrance from a balcony, singing "Love me Like a Man," which pretty much brought down the house with the help of a family friend Gabe on saxophone. We gave all the guests mix-CDs as party favors, which included songs from that fateful rock-climbing road trip. For the decor, we never really had a strict color scheme, just black bridesmaid dresses with gorgeous colorful flower arrangements by Chapmans florist. This included a flower crown, which we paired with a beautiful veil sewn by my Aunt Priscilla. My parents Jen and Gary and my mother's friends, "The Design Team," as we called them, all pitched in to decorate the tent with candles and borrowed chandeliers. In addition, Sandy's parents threw an amazing Rehearsal Dinner the night before, with decor provided by Sandy's Aunts and Uncles.

The best part of our wedding was bringing together so many wonderful, fun-loving people. The energy in the room was pumping with love and excitement and we danced long after the band stopped. It was such a whirlwind, we are so happy Daniel was there to beautifully capture this phenomenal experience.