Elegant Midland Country Club Wedding
August 12, 2014
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Darlings, I want to live in this pretty, pretty wedding today. From the classically beautiful invitations, to the graceful veil-wrapped portraits, to the hints of peachy-pink throughout, this gorgeous Bride + Groom made their vision of elegance come to life, fueled by the sweetest love and support of their families. A big thanks to our Little Black Book member, Kayla Barker for sharing this stunning day with us!
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From the beautiful Bride… Our wedding took place on a beautiful sunny January day in my hometown of Midland, Texas. After more than four years of dating, over half of which was long-distance, we were so excited to be getting married. We were filled with great anticipation as our wedding day approached because it marked the beginning of the life we would finally spend together. We’d walked through plenty of moments as a couple over the years, but we were so anxious to finally begin to build—together as one—the life, home, friendships, careers, and family we’d been dreaming about.

We wanted our wedding to be classic, simple, and beautiful, and to clearly show that the love we have for each other finds its source in the love of Christ. Our ceremony took place in the chapel of my hometown church, which was beautiful with the sun shining in through the stained glass windows. One great thing about our wedding day was that the church was able to live stream the ceremony to our friends and family, specifically Bryan’s extended family in Ohio, who were not able to make the trip down to Texas. It was extra special to have them “there” with us as they watched the ceremony online.

During the wedding planning process, the most important thing I, usually a perfectionist, learned was to let go of creating a picture-perfect or Pinterest-worthy wedding. Trying to do so in the beginning had caused much unnecessary anxiety and frustration, especially given that Bryan, I, and our families were planning the whole event without the help of a professional wedding planner. We planned diligently, said “no” to unnecessary details, hired awesome vendors, and then relaxed and enjoyed our wedding day. Of course, little things went wrong and there were details that in a perfect world would have turned out differently, but at the end of the day those who love us most celebrated as we each married our best friend, and it really was the perfect day.