Rustic Bed and Breakfast Wedding At Mt. Hood
July 29, 2014
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As far as homecoming weddings go, this might take the cake (or pie). This couple returned home to Oregon for a stunning ceremony at the base of Mt. Hood, and with the help of planner Betheny Roberts, blooms from Lucy's Informal Flowers and plenty of sunshine, every detail absolutely glowed. There's a full gallery of loveliness from Hannah D Photography. And don't miss the video from Larvick Media at the end!
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From the Bride... Place has always been important to my husband and I. We grew up down the street from one another, while college flung us to disparate corners of the country. Returning home to the northwest for careers was important, because despite the saying of home being where the heart is, being in the place you actually belong is paramount. It's a feeling that runs from your brain, to your heart, and down your feet into the ground. And so, when after 10 years of magical courtship, it came time to get married, we knew place was most important. We wanted that grounding feeling to be present when we said 'I do' and when our guests wiped tears. Doing that at the base of Mt. Hood, surrounded by trees, flowers, sun, and loved ones, created a magic that escapes words, but is universally known by anyone in love. Since our guests were coming from all over the country to celebrate with us, we wanted everything to be casual and feel natural - not just look it. From the venue - Mt. Hood B&B - with it's fields, barns, and farmhouse, to the wood-fired pizza and hand-baked pie for dinner, everything was about family, friends, and love. Looking back on the day, we fretted endlessly about rain and details. We couldn't control the former (it ended up being about 90 degrees and full of sun), but the latter was marked by a year's worth of evenings and weekends of friends, family, and loving toil. Some of our guests may have been oblivious, but many of those we love - we hope - looked lovingly at the custom wooden centerpieces, the hand-sewn napkins, the carefully collected milk and mercury glass, and even the hand selected music playlist. We still watch our wedding video and flip through the photos from time to time and it's always the pictures of tears, laughs, smiles, and dancing that stop us and bring back the flood of love that got us to the altar in the first place.