Glamorous Ballroom Wedding at the Chicago Cultural Center
July 29, 2014
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Nothing takes you to the moon and back quite like wedding cinematography, especially when it's the talented team at Loudbyte Cinematography delivering the goods.  Picture a traditional meets romantic affair that has you completely captivated, from the very first moments with the beautiful bride to the sweet (+ funny toasts) from the awesome family and friends.  Press play and ENJOY.
From Loudbyte Cinematography... Abby and Andy's day began at Chicago's Intercontinental Hotel. What a gorgeous lobby! The couple wrote each other amazing love letters that were captured in the film.

From the hotel, we travelled downtown for the first look. Andy was just blown away when he saw his bride for the first time!

They got married at the historical Chicago Cultural Center which houses the largest Tiffany dome in the world.

What a beautiful reception.

Totally in love with this darling duo?  Here's a little something extra special... a perfectly captured film all about these two sweeties and their love story.  Thank you, Loudbyte Cinematography.  Thank you.
From Loudbyte Cinematography... We had the pleasure of creating a love story for Abby and Andy. They fell in love in high school and have been together every since. Their love for animals, the Chicago Cubs and each other is infectious!

A beautiful story!