Modern Seattle Wedding at Olympic Sculpture Park
July 24, 2014
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What happens when two of London's most dapper gentlemen come back for a Seattle wedding celebration? Crazy good things, my friends - just you wait. From the modern, sleek setting of Olympic Sculpture Park  to the fabulously designed reception by Aria Style, this wedding is one perfect moment after another, and Catherine Abegg captured it all right here.
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From Catherine Abegg... Sean & Tracy met in Seattle about twelve years ago, and have since traveled the globe together before settling down in London...but it seemed natural to have their wedding ceremony in the city where they met surrounded by old friends, new friends, international friends, family from close & family from far.

They essentially celebrated every day that they were in town, including a gay bar hop through Capitol Hill, a glamorously casual rehearsal dinner at Escala in downtown Seattle, and then the main event at Seattle Art Museum's Olympic Sculpture Park, that was absolutely posh & downright fabulous. This being the first year that Washingtonians could officially be married in our state, besides all of the glitz & glam of this wedding, there was so much love & just so much celebration that you could feel it pulsing all weekend long.