Intimate Backyard Eastern Shore, Maryland Wedding
July 18, 2014
Mid Atlantic
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This wedding is my everything. Intimate, lovely and charming to the core, tucked in this gallery (captured beautifully by Krista Jones) is everything I adore about weddings. The mother of the Groom sums is all up when she said, "We arrived here as strangers and left as family" - which honestly gave me chills. Because when you take a peek at the pretty below, you just know it was true. See even more here.
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From the Bride...We decided to opt for a very small, intimate, family-only wedding so our families could really get to know one another (and frankly, so we could avoid the stress of planning a big bash). Most of our families had never met and because everyone stayed at the house together it was a really relaxed, laid-back atmosphere. As my mother-in-law elegantly put it, "We arrived here as strangers and left as family." In fact, we are already talking about a reunion there in 2016 because we loved the house and had such a great time. My sister-in-law got ordained online and did such a fabulous job during the ceremony. Thank God for the Internet!

I tied a photo of my Dad, who passed away in 2012, to the bouquet, along with a piece of lace from my Mom's wedding dress. I purchased the dress from a boutique in New York called Saja with my Mom, mother-in-law and sister-in-law in tow. We all started crying when I came out wearing it so I knew it was a keeper. I found my lace ballet flats at the last minute at H&M! So comfy and perfect (& crazy inexpensive)!

The invitations were created online using &, two great DIY invitation websites that I highly recommend. My older sister created the program and the menu and I got this lovely blue crab stamp from Paper Source in Georgetown.

We got buckets of springtime flowers from a local florist called Seaberry Farm. Our moms and sisters and aunt spent the afternoon putting them together and it was a great way for them to get to know one another and bond a bit (or so I like to think). Luckily enough, the house we rented on Chesapeake Bay happened to have these lovely blue mason jars that were perfect for the aisle.

My awesome uncle and brother-in-law spent several hours hanging up twinkle lights on the porch. It was a great opportunity showcase their impressive handymen skills. They had never met before and got along right away.

Instead of throwing rice (which can be bad for birds and tough on lawns), we had decided to throw colorful sprinkles instead. My Mom and Mom-in-Law made the lovely holders using doilies & scotch tape.