Romantic Beach Engagement
July 17, 2014
New England
Let's talk about the perfect ingredients for a drop-dead gorgeous e-session, shall we?  I'm talking a breathtaking sunset, a glistening beach and an adorable duo who know a thing or two about romantic moments, toes in the sand included.  Now add the crazy talented Lindsey Mae Child to capture every stunning moment and, voila!  An entire day of awesome.  Click here for sooo much more.
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From Lindsey Mae Child... Liliana has been my friend for years, so when she asked me to do her engagement photos I didn't hesitate to say yes. I love shooting just before sunset, and the beach was a perfect setting for their session. The warm glow set the tone for the evening, and I had so much fun capturing their sweetness. It was the first time I met Josh, and their love for one another is so evident from the photos that I was just constantly smiling.

From the Bride... When I first met Josh we immediately realized how much we had in common, but one of the things we both loved the most was the summer and especially the beach. Josh started taking me to South Shore Beach in Little Compton, RI our first summer together and I instantly fell in love. It became our favorite place to go, whether it be a relaxing drive in the fall or a beautiful beach day in the summer. There was just always something about going to South Shore that really brought us together and every time we went it was nothing short of special. That's why when Josh proposed to me there on June 8th it left me speechless; it was undoubtably one of the most beautiful moments in both of our lives. So when it came time to pick a spot for our engagement photos, it wasn't even a question. We chose the beach that has helped us create so many amazing memories for so many years and I'm sure we'll continue to make more as time goes on.