Destination Sri Lankan Wedding at Cinnamon Lakeside
July 11, 2014
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This wedding has everything. And I mean everything. Gorgeous couple? Check. Culture and tradition? Check. Gowns that make you drool? Check. A couple so adorable you want to squeal? Check. Check. Check. The best part? Kate Robinson was on hand so we didn't miss a single gorgeous moment, and it's all ready for your viewing pleasure here.
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From The Bride...Both of us were born in Sri Lanka and as teenagers moved to New Zealand, so we wanted to try and incorporate the best of both worlds, in to various aspects of the wedding as well as making the day light and fun for everyone. We decided to have the wedding in Sri Lanka because we wanted our extended families to be a part of our big day.

We still wanted to keep the traditional elements in tact but added modern aspects to things like decorations and the overall flow of the wedding. We did a lot of research on the internet as well as looking through magazines. But the first thing we decided on was a color scheme which was yellow and grey.

We really wanted to make use of the beautiful weather in Sri Lanka by having the Poruwa ceremony (traditional Sri Lankan wedding ceremony) outside. Cinnamon Lakeside hotel, with the Beirra Lake as a back drop provided the perfect outdoor space in the middle of Colombo. We requested the decorators to provide a classic elegant theme and specified the Poruwa (altar) to be made with a white washed antique door (symbolising our entry in to a new chapter in life) to complement the outdoor space. The Poruwa ceremony was followed by a cocktail function to allow our guests to relax, mingle and enjoy the weather outside with a variety of cocktails and nibbles. With the help of our wedding planner, we set up a photo booth, a sweet station, sparklers and music to create a fun atmosphere.

For the wedding reception; while we wanted it to be elegant, we didn't want to over crowd the ballroom area too much. The wedding decorators were great at making an outdoor inspired theme/colour scheme fit in to an indoor space. We provided them with various photos that we had collected up over the months. Both of us love food and music and so we used this as inspiration for our wedding favours. Apart from the traditional wedding cake that is given to the guests, we packaged up our favourite chocolate (Whittakers) from New Zealand in clear plastic boxes (which were all packed and wrapped by my family) and also a small jar of Lemon Curd (to represent our time in the United Kingdom) with our favourite recipe attached to it. All the boxes, labels and other packing material we purchased from the UK before we came to Sri Lanka. In addition we also made a wedding play list with seven of our favourite songs (both Sri Lankan and English), which we arranged in a rattan basket so that guests could help themselves to them, if they so desired.

The live band and DJ made sure that there was a lot of dancing and enjoyment throughout the night.