Romantic Melbourne Wedding at Luminare
July 8, 2014
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This wedding has it all. Gorgeous design by The Big Group. Beautiful blooms by Fleur. A jaw-droppingly gorgeous Bride, dressed to perfection. Thankfully every picture moment was captured by Daniella Melfi in a way that will make you swoon and then some, and you can see it all here
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From the Bride...Everything was perfect on the day, exactly how I imagined it. We were very lucky to be able to get married at Melbourne Grammar Chapel as it’s only a privilege for the boys who went to school there! We also had the Choir boys sing during the church ceremony which made the whole wedding extra special. We couldn’t have asked for better weather on the day, it was just perfect! The Big Group were also fantastic, they really looked after us on the day. What I loved the most was probably the venue which was absolutely divine, oh and of course the LOVE sign which made such a difference! It was fantastic! It looks great in photos! I wouldn’t change anything and feel so blessed to have had such a wonderful wedding! From Daniella Melfi...Ania and Nick were so easy to work with. I actually only met them a month or so before their wedding day! We met for coffee and instantly we had a good rapport. They were pretty relaxed and just wanted to enjoy their wedding day! I arrived at Nicks place first to find family about, little ones running around and a very cool, calm but kinda nervous Nick! I could see the lengths Ania went to as soon as I saw the boutonnieres and floral crowns for the flower girls, also the lovely floral wrist band for the mothers was just so elegant! The shoes Nick wore were super classy! I LOVED them!! Who doesn't love a shiny shoe?! I arrived at Ania's to find a bubbly family just buzzing around the bride, with music playing and champagne flowing! Everyone was so thrilled and couldn't wait to get the show on the road! At one point I thought I had walked into a magazine photo shoot because aside from obviously the beautiful bride, there were three other STUNNING women! Ania's sisters!! I couldn't believe how attractive these bridesmaids were! Anyway, after I caught my breath, we got Ania with the help of her mothers and sisters into her incredible Collette Dinnigan dress. It was breathtaking. You could see her eyes light up as soon as she put this on. Her sisters just looked on in awe with their hands on their mouths and i heard a lot of "awww ania.." It was really sweet. Once Ania put on her perfect long veil and her Jimmy Choo pumps she was ready to go! The little chapel inside the Melbourne Grammar School was so lovely. It was intimate and very ornate. The aisle was lined with candles and the pews had hand made cushions for you to sit on. The altar was decorated with big floral arrangements and behind it sat the boys choir which sang for the guests throughout the ceremony. Once the ceremony had finished and Ania and nick had exited the Chapel with MASSIVE smiles, we headed to the courtyard to take family photos. While we were taking photos under huge maple trees with the bluestone walls on the Chapel behind us, they're guests were treated to champagne and beer in the front courtyard. Absolutely everyone was taken care of. Arriving at Luminare was such an experience. Firstly you cannot see the venue from the outside because the entrance is in a small lane way off a side street in South Melbourne. There was a man standing on the corner of the lane way and side street with a big LUMINARE sign! It was fantastic and hard to miss! Once we got to the front of the building we were escorted to the large elevator that took us up to the venue. It felt so exclusive! As soon as you stepped off that elevator you knew you were in good hands. The venue itself is quite large with a wonderfully big dance floor and bar area. Then you look out the massive glass windows and the view is just breathtaking! You see the Melbourne skyline in all its glory! The balcony of Luminare is a must see. Photos and words will not do it justice. It is ... BIG! There are bar tables and stools and lounge chairs to keep the guests comfy and as expected, drinks and canapés constantly coming around. After a little breather i took Ania and Nick onto the balcony for some intimate bridal photos. We had the perfect sunset behind us. It was very romantic. The last photo we took before Entree was served was in front of the LOVE sign. How incredible is this sign!! The guests loved to take their selfies in front of it and the sign looked better and better as the night went on and the sun went down! Such a perfect view for their guests with the city skyline lighting up behind it. All in all this was a wonderful wedding. I had an incredible time and loved working with Ania, Nick and the guys from Purple Ribbon Weddings!