Intimate Picnic Wedding
July 4, 2014
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I'm fully convinced that there's nothing cooler than a picnic wedding.  Seriously... nothing.  It's that sort of laid-back meets totally elegant meets fun, family affair that is the perfect way to say I do, in any language.  Think natural, organic stylings crafted by Renata Timerbaeva, perfectly imperfect florals from Daria Dolengovskaya and a whole world of lovely captured by Alina Valitova.  See it all here.
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From Renata Timerbaeva... The inspiration for this wedding was a connection with nature, simplicity and natural materials. We wanted to produce an easy and informal atmosphere of picnics and open-air parties.

From the Bride... For a long time I couldn't understand what type of dress I needed. I searched all of the shops, and purchased and returned every dress. Desperate, I started to search the web and saw a dress I was completely in love with. I ordered it, and it arrived five days before wedding... but it wasn't my size, so I found a seamstress who made it fit perfectly. There is different story about shoes - I think I tried them on for a week, then for what seemed like my whole life. I trusted everything about the flowers (circlet of flowers, bouquet and boutonniere for Vadim) to magic girl Daria Dolonogova. I didn't know how everything should look and I just sent her photos of our clothes and explained the style of the wedding.

For our wedding, Daria changed her plans and came earlier from another city. After a sleepless night, she went to the flower base, chose the flowers and created a miracle that we kept in our flat for a week afterwards.