Vintage Meets Elegant Chicago Wedding
July 3, 2014
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If you're in the mood for a serving of elegance with a side of vintage, look no further than this Chicago fete from Britta Marie Photography. Set at Fulton's On The River, this grayish-blue, peach and blush color story is complemented by the prettiest lace (that veil!), a rich and romantic reception and moments like this that are sure to make your heart skip a beat. See it all here.
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From the beautiful Bride... Jakub and I were engaged on Sunday, February 24th. The day had started out just like most Sundays for us usually do, and I had no idea it would be one that I will never forget. We woke up, made breakfast, lounged around, it was actually a great morning. Jakub had told me we were going to a party with some of his friends from work so I got dressed and ready to go. I was waiting for him to finish getting ready when he came in the kitchen he told me there were a change of plans... I was so confused, I asked "What happened in the last five minutes that our plans have already changed!?!" ...I will never forget at that moment he walked up to me, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was SO suprised and overwhelmed, I didnt believe it was finally happening!! I screamed in shock for a few minutes before I finally said YES! I was shaking I was so excited and suprised… and the suprises didn't stop!

The next thing I knew we were leaving our apartment and there was a black car waiting for us out front. We got in and I tried to figure out where we were going next, but figured it out once we got out on Michigan Avenue. I had asked Jakub so many times to go on a horse and carriage ride but he would never cave :) There waiting for us was a horse (Fiona) and carriage waiting for our arrival. Before we hopped in though we of course stopped to get a celebratory glass of champagne! We asked the bartender to take a picture of us and I remember him saying "you guys are so cute" I replied "thanks we just got engaged!" He actually did not believe us at first and then I think by the ecstatic looks on both of our faces he knew we were not lying and gave us the glasses of champagne on the house.

The carriage ride was wonderful, we cruised down the lake around the best parts of the city, when coincidently we stopped at one of my favorite restaurants, Quartino's. I couldn't help to think that the day was just getting better and better, and then it did. When we walked in the waitress led us to a room where our parents and my sister and brother-in-law were waiting to congratulate us! I could not believe that he had planned this (and they all knew) weeks in advance! We had an amazing celebratory lunch and then headed home. Once we got home, Jakub told me I had one last suprise. This time we hopped in a cab (no black car this time, haha!) and it dropped us off at a wine bar in our neighborhood… When I walked in the door I knew then what was in store for me as I heard all of my friends laughter and voices. We walked in and I could not believe how many of our close friends had gathered to cheers our exciting news!! The day ended just as amazingly as it had begun. Not only had the love of my life asked me to marry him, but we also were able to celebrate our engagement with all of our favorite people in the world! It truly was perfect.