Beverly, Massachusetts Wedding at Misselwood Estate
July 3, 2014
New England
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You know what I absolutely love? I love when I can simply look at a wedding and know it was the couples' best day ever. Where everything went beautifully and the sun shined perfectly bright. Well, this beauty from Emilie Inc. Photography is just such a wedding. It's pure prettiness from the first image to the last, and you they are all waiting for you here.
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From Denise Farwell of Emilie Inc. Photography...Renee and George came to us by way of Sara and Brett, whose wedding I second shot with Emilie in 2011. Renee was one of Sara's bridesmaids, and the wedding was a special treat for me to photograph because it was held at Sara's family home, which included a barn complete with a horse and mini donkey! It was such a fun night and I knew that anyone who was in that circle of family and friends would be someone I'd like. I didn't get a chance to formally meet Renee and George at that wedding, so I was looking forward to meeting them both when I showed up at Misselwood in Beverly, Massachusetts. I walked into where the girls were getting ready and was so happy to see familiar faces, including Sarah and her sister Megan, that I didn't even see Renee sitting with her mom in the corner! But as soon as we said hello I just instantly liked her. You can't not, really. She is warm, funny, and does not take herself too seriously.

I went outside after the ladies were done getting ready as the guests were milling around before the ceremony, and introduced myself to George. What a NICE guy. I know a lot of people are described that way, but George might actually be the nicest. I definitely could see how these two ended up together.

After a sweet (and hot!) ceremony, guests filtered into the tent and were treated to some touching, and pretty hilarious toasts. Renee's side of the family had a tradition I had never seen before, drinking from a German toasting cup. It has hinged cups on both ends, so the couple can have sips of champagne at the same time. George is Greek, so his family was represented in the seating chart that was displayed on an abacus. Such fun ways to incorporate both of their families histories. This crowd was a dancing crowd, and kept things going until the very last song, which was a great way to end the night.

Renee and George, I had such a great time with you and hope you're having an amazing time on your Hawaiian honeymoon by way of Napa Valley!

From The Bride...I had just finished my last day of teaching for the school year and was so ready to celebrate the start of summer with some girlfriends. It was a gorgeous night, so we headed to Charlestown's Tavern on the Water for drinks and dinner. George and his pals had headed to the same place for the same reason, and we bumped into each other at the bar overlooking the harbor. As soon as we started talking, we couldn't stop. We chatted about anything and everything, and as our friends like to joke, we still haven't stopped. They tease us for constantly having little "side convos" - I guess we just love to know what the other is thinking - all the time :)

When we parted ways, I showed my true colors by rather aggressively making sure he had my phone number (I demanded to see his phone to check). I like to be thorough! Unfazed, George called me the next day. Our first official date was in Newburyport, MA, and we ended up spending the entire weekend together (where he oh-so-casually met my parents), and we've been inseparable ever since. Love!