Traditional NYC Ballroom Wedding
June 26, 2014
Tri State
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This, my friends, is the epitome of a classic NYC wedding.  It's uber-elegance meets uber-sophistication meets everything you dream a traditional Big Apple affair should be.  Think towering blooms from Konstantinos Design, a stunning Sugar Couture cake and a whole world of gorgeous captured by Robert And Kathleen Photographers.  Get lost in all of the lovely (there's a lot of it) right here.
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From Robert and Kathleen Photographers... Elena and Erick don't do anything halfway. When they started planning their wedding, they knew they wanted it to be elegant. They wanted to give their guests an experience they wouldn't soon forget. Their traditional Greek Ceremony took place in the Greek Cathedral on the Upper East Side, a sweet romantic ceremony filled with tears and joy. Their reception was held at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, overlooking Central Park. The room was bathed in light, and decked out with dramatic orchid centerpieces.

The wedding story... The sun streamed through the windows, illuminating Elena's face as she was laced into her gown. She took a deep breath, trying to take it all in. Immediately before her eyes was an expansive view of Central Park, with a bright blue sky above and people bustling to and fro. But up where she was, nearly 40 stories above it all, it was quiet. She took a few minutes to think, about everything that had led her to this moment and all of the endless possibilities ahead for her with Erick by her side. She had waited to find a man like him, never losing hope that he did in fact exist. She knew almost instantly after she met him that he was perfect for her and, even so, she never ceases to be amazed by just how well they fit together. As she took the steps out of the hotel and headed to the church to meet Erick, she could barely contain her joy.

Erick met her at the front of the church with a smile on his face and a tear in his eye. From the minute he hugged her father and took Elena's hand, he didn't let it go. He held it gently, caressing it with his thumb throughout the entire ceremony, offering her the constant reminder that, to him, she is the single most precious thing in the world. As they walked through Central Park together after the ceremony, she leaned into him, knowing that in his arms she has found her happy place. He glanced over at her throughout the day with the look of a man swelling with pride, because he knew that this was the greatest day of his life - and each day that follows will be made that much better now that Elena was his wife.

I like to think that you can tell the true success of a marriage by the level of joy displayed by those closest to the couple - especially their respective fathers. If the fathers are happy, the couple will have a long, successful marriage. That evening, Elena and Erick's fathers took to the dance floor over and over again, quite literally dancing with joy that their children had found one another. It was beautiful to watch, knowing that the joy Erick and Elena have found with one another has spread to their families. Their wedding day was the first of many celebrations that would bring their two families together. There is a big, bright future ahead for Erick and Elena.