Surprise Beach Elopement in Costa Rica
June 25, 2014
Central America
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Much of the pretty we share on this little 'ole blog are soirees with a whole lot of planning behind them. Fetes packed with detail upon detail that we find ourselves swooning over on the daily. But this surf-loving surprise elopement from A Brit & A Blonde? It's raw and beautiful and we couldn't love it more if we tried. With a bit of help from Malpais Green Weddings, this sweet Groom surprised his beachy Bride with a proposal AND an elopement on their Malpais getaway. Intrigued yet? See the rest right here!
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From A Brit & A Blonde… We are super lucky to be a part of so many couples big day. But I think nothing could have prepared me for perhaps the most romantic and sweet surprise elopement ever. Jens & Cece are from Germany - they both adore snowboarding when home but their heart really lies with surfing. So there is no surprise that they love, love, love Malpais in Costa Rica - a total mecca for surfers. Jens & Cece have been together for quite a few years and are quite non-traditional - they knew that a big blowout wedding with a ton of people was just not for them. They were down here in Costa Rica for a fun surf vacay. But Jens had other plans! He was planning on proposing to Cece here and then to elope. Literally a few days before the elopement date that he had in mind - he asked her. She said YES! Since Cece only had a couple of days notice - there was no time to go get a dress and the whole thing - which isn't even her style - so for her I do's she wore a bikini top and a fun white skirt she found in one of the stores in Malpais. And then she changed into another simple beachy dress she found here for sunset cocktails and dinner. Jens had got in touch with Malpais Green Weddings a few weeks before he popped the question - to have some wedding experts help him create the perfect day. Myriam and Lisa are amazing at what they do - and created a truly magical ceremony and dinner for two beachside of course. The planners knew the perfect spot that was right on the beach and private. The couple went surfing in the morning and then got married in the afternoon. A most perfect day for these two! And it just goes to show that you don't need to have a ton of bells and whistles to have a gorgeous and magical day. Their day was simple, sweet and unbelievably romantic.