Homemade Family-Infused Portland, Oregon Wedding
June 25, 2014
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Homemade equals heartfelt in my book, and that couldn't be more true with this darling DIY wedding captured by Stephanie Kaloi Photography. This adorable couple let their personality shine through every perfect detail, and boy, do we love every second of it. See even more here
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From Stephanie Kaloi Photography...Haley and Josh had a seriously gorgeous and small(ish!) wedding at the North Star Ballroom in Portland, Oregon. I'm kind of obsessed with these guys -- besides the venue and the photography, everything was completely homemade by the couple and their friends and family. They wrapped yarn around hearts and hung them up, pulled vases and glasses from thrift stores and family collections, and did one another's hair and make-up. Haley's brother sang "Bloom" by The Paper Kites as she walked up the aisle (and everything cried), and her aunt made all of the amaaaaazing pie that was served. Haley and Josh are truly lucky to have such a tight knit group around them -- and it also made for pretty hilarious photos (especially on the groom's side!).

The wedding was inside, which is super smart for this time of year in Portland (rain!) but also just a really Portland thing -- our city is filled with so many amazing, unique venues, and this is one of them. The North Star Ballroom is filled with classic Portland charm, and Haley and Josh's wedding set this vibe off juuuuust right. Even though they're from Bend, these two are emblematic of what's great about Portland (and really, Oregon in general): it's modern, fun, and definitely it's own thing -- like the two of them.

They also had a really cool unity ceremony -- instead of using sand or candles, they used paint! Haley and pink paint and Josh had gray paint (to go with the colors of the day) and they poured their paint on a canvas at the same time. It was awesome! I haven't seen a unity ceremony like that in the 6 years I've been shooting. :) Another first: Josh completely lost it and cried during the first look! I've definitely worked with emotional grooms before, but I've never had one full on cry during the first look. It was the sweetest thing!

I also love how these guys weren't afraid to just totally be themselves. Haley has part of her head shaved, and everyone was super concerned about it showing on her wedding day. She intentionally styled her hair so that it would -- and it looked amazing! Little things like this paired with their more traditional attire were just the best.