Romantic Fall Wedding
June 23, 2014
Tri State
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I know I've mentioned my love of fall weddings probably more than necessary, but, hey... they totally rock and they deserve every shout out in the world.  Especially when they are as lovely as this sweet day captured beautifully by A Guy + A Girl Photography, a day that is so rich in autumn hues and drop-dead gorgeous details (hello yumminess from Cake Alchemy), it will leave you drooling all week.  Start your swoon-fest right here.
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From A Guy and a Girl Photography... Rebecca and Ari are doctors, currently based in Boston, originally from NY. Though they connected just a few years ago, their fathers have been friends (colleagues) for decades. So this romance was quite serendipitous!

Rebecca and Ari are super high energy and total adventure junkies. In addition to a doctor's schedule (which includes 36-hour shifts) and planning a wedding (a never-ending to-do list), somehow, this duo found time to secretly take dance lessons. Their wedding day's first dance was a quick tempo, perfectly-executed choreographed number... surprising all of their friends and families. During our initial conversations, their only requests were, "silly, fun pictures on our wedding day... and we LOVE jumping!"