Rustic Ranch Wedding
June 18, 2014
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No matter how long I work at SMP, rustic meets romantic weddings will always be some of my favorites. The sweet details and breathtaking settings mixed with the sweetest couples you'll ever meet?  Gets me every time.  And this darling day is certainly no exception with soft lavender hues playing nice with a fabulous ranch setting.  See it all captured by Robin Jolin in the full gallery.
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From Robin Jolin Photography... Jane’s family lives in Canada and Hong Kong, and Pete’s family lives in New Jersey. The close friends they invited were like their local family in San Francisco.  "Our families have never met so we wanted the wedding to feel more like a relaxed big family get ­together with delicious good food and wine to share." 

There was a typewriter at the entrance for each guest to write the couple a note. Then each guest grabbed a refreshment and walked around the venue checking out all the pictures that Jane and Pete hung of themselves.

All of the guests sat a long table and each section had a chalkboard with a country. This matched the tags with each guest name.

Jane and Pete did not want to dance, so I got up on the balcony to get a lovely shot of him spinning her.

Bottom-line, this was the best wedding of my season. Jane and Pete did everything, it was calm, intimate, and a spectacular venue.