Yellow and Cheerful Vancouver Wedding
June 16, 2014
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Yellow took awhile to grow on me but now I'm totally obsessed. As I have it proudly displayed in almost every room of my home. It's cheerful sunshine in a hue and wrapped around this stunning Vancouver wedding photographed by Ken Tan with yellow floral pomanders and the like by Yonra Designs. See even more of these summertime nuptials right here in the full gallery.
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From The Bride...Although we were engaged for more than a year, planning really only began two weeks before the wedding (when we arrived in Vancouver from Hong Kong, where we currently reside in). The only things we really confirmed were the venues, photographer and videographers leading up to the day. As you can imagine, it was two very hectic weeks of finalizing attendees, meeting all the different vendors (some for the very first time in person as everything else before was pretty much done via email or long distance calls), planning the seating charts and rundown of the day, assigning responsibilities, dealing with last minute changes, putting together our growing up video and entrance video, deciding on songs for the dinner playlist… the list goes on. Luckily, we have a group of amazing friends and family who stepped in to help us out with different pieces of the puzzle and then putting them all together on the day of. I don’t know how many times the thought of ditching the wedding all together and wishing that we had eloped crossed my mind… But in the end, the wedding came together beautifully. It was a day to celebrate my union with my wonderful husband but also a day to reconfirm just how lucky we are to have so many amazing family and friends around us. The day went by pretty quickly, as promised by friends who have already gone through the process, and came to a fun-filled end at night, with plenty of games and wine to entertain all of us thoroughly.

Theme? Sweet vintage and fun was the theme (kinda...more like a mesh of everything I liked on Pinterest). Theme color was yellow. Chose it for the bright cheery feeling it brings.

Your top 3 best moments and why...1.The door games in the morning when the groom and groomsmen had to play humiliating games when picking up the bride. The games were meant to be humiliating but the guys seemed to enjoy eating candies off of the groom’s body J. 2. Saying “I do”s. It was so surprising and touching to see Alfred tear up. 3. Winging our (unprepared) speeches buzzed at the reception. We were so rushed with the planning that neither of us had enough time to prepare the speeches ahead of time. To work up the courage to go up to do the speeches, we went around to toast each table first until we had enough alcohol in our system to get through the speeches. It was hard trying not to puke while we did it… classy.