Surprise Proposal Shoot and Film
June 9, 2014
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While this is just as beautiful as the inspiration shoots we post, this, my friends, is an actual proposal. The groom-to-be enlisted the help of Amy Magnisalis from Simply Photography to set up a photo shoot then ask the couple to "model" for it. I don't want to ruin it, but you HAVE to watch the film from Inkster Productions at the end. It's so cute! And for more images find the full gallery here
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From Simply Photography... I am very very excited to show you the best surprise proposal shoot ever! I received an inbox from Josh the week before asking if I would photograph a proposal shoot. So after and day of creative planning and a few phone calls I got creative.
I phoned Kim asking if she could model for a shoot and she happily agreed. Josh had arranged some of Kim's favourite Cup Cakes from "my cupcakes" which said "Will you marry me" which we exchanged earlier in the day whilst gorgeous Kim was getting hair and makeup done by the talented Kilyne Le of Dazzling Makeup. Then off we went to set up, with loads of gorgeous flowers and three amazing setups, A vintage dining set full of flowers with a vintage candelabra, A park bench setup with flowers, suitcases, a tea set and an umbrella, and a romantic picnic setup with cushions, blanket, flowers and red wine in real vintage wine glasses that my great grandmother owned.

Josh proposed on the picnic set (set with flowers, baskets and red wine) where he gave Kim the box of cupcakes to open. For a second Kim thought it was "a cute idea" for the shoot until she realized and then Josh popped the question. Of course Kim said YES!!!

Josh contacted me through Facebook as he knew Kim loved my work. He ask for my assistance as he wanted to propose to Kim. He told me she loved the Tree Farm at Richmond where I've shot a few wedding. So after a few phone calls I got creative and so did Donna from Unique Floral and together we created the most sweet romantic settings within the trees. The plan was for me to call Kim and ask her to model for a shoot BUT the catch was we needed a couple, and Kim always wanted to do a shoot with me and said "don't worry I'll make him do it". But prior to the shoot was Kim's birthday and Kim was expecting Josh to take her away for the weekend before the shoot on Monday. But Josh said no as he couldn't be bothered.... This was to plan the surprise! Kim got cranky and took off without him which was great for Josh! Let the planning begin!

Kim came back in a good mood in hope that Josh wouldn't complain about the shoot. I arranged for the Makeup artist to go to kims house to do her up. Then they arrived and Kim had no idea. When the light was right on the gorgeous picnic setting Josh handed Kim the Box of cupcakes. I instructed her to take the box and untie the ribbon, Then the magic happened and tears of joy flowed from Kim's eyes. After the shoot Josh had arranged a night in a five star hotel for the two of them for the night.

From the Bride... Wow! I'm so happy to be able to share this with my family and friends.... The best day of my life so far! I'm so lucky to have such an amazing man and beautiful friends. Amy Magnisalis, Matthew Inkster, Donna Pellew, Glen Pellew words cannot express how much I love what you have done for us both! Thank you again guys. I love you fiancé Josh Cottees xxxxx