Elegant Skandinavia Country Club Wedding
Simply stated, this wedding is pure elegance and perfection. The getting-ready moments alone are worth their own little slice of time to devour. Anastasia Belik  captured every single inch of this p...
Simply stated, this wedding is pure elegance and perfection. The getting-ready moments alone are worth their own little slice of time to devour. Anastasia Belik captured every single inch of this powder blue soiree in such a way that they are more than moments, they're works of art. And they're all sitting beautifully in this unparalleled gallery.
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From the beautiful Bride...When we got engaged, we already knew we want to have wedding on the countryside. Our good friends recommended us 'Oh Marriage!' wedding planners, and we fully trusted them. First they found an awesome country club with Province style interiors for us. So all together we made a decision to do our dream wedding in this stylistics.

All the decor on our wedding - work of art from Peony studio. I was totally fascinated by Nastya Belik photography works. Everything - the color, the places, and surely decor! Immediately I realized I want her and only her to make pictures of our wedding - her works are so different from any other pictures of local photographers - Nastya works wonders!) As for the decor from Peony studio - everything is oh so beautiful and harmoniously, you just can't take your eyes off! So I had no doubt they'll create something brilliant for us!

I was really lucky to meet all those wonderful people - Katya from 'Oh Marriage!' wedding planners, girls from Peony studio - Lyuba and Nastya, - I just felt in love with them, and getting prepared to my own wedding was a great pleasure with their help! They were thinking over every single detail of the wedding and sometimes just in time dissuade me from my crazy ideas, so it helps to have the same style throughout the ceremony, and I'm very grateful to them!

We've chosen wedding color palette based on country club's restaurant interiors. Light blue, ivory and beige - everything was created in these shades: from groom's outfit to cupcakes in candy bar! The second wedding's leitmotif was flowers of hydrangea in light blue and ivory colors. It was used in my awesome bride's bouquet, in beautiful decor inside the restaurant and outside at the wedding ceremony area: arch's decoration, flowers on bicycle's basket, sweets in candy bar and much more! Also these flowers were used in polygraph - paper with light blue hydrangea print was pasted into crafted envelopes for invitations. The same hydrangea's print was on seating plan, seating cards and so on.

Overall I think with decorators prom Peony studio help, awesome Nastya Belik pictures and "Oh Marriage!" wedding planners we've created the wedding of my dream - so tender end elegant, with a subtle hint of Province. I appreciate it a lot and want to say thank you one more time for dreams come true! For me it was just perfect!
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Florals, Invitations, Groom's Bow-tie, Decorations
PEONY Studio
Groom's Jacket
Brides's Shoes
Bruno Magli
Bride's Make-up And Hair
Ekaterina Mokhnatova
First Bride's Dress
Maggie Sotterro
Second Bride's Dress
Olga Malyarova
Groom's Shoes