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June 6, 2014
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There's a spark between some couples that's impossible not to notice when you're around them, or in this case, watching their wedding video. This video really is an inspiring ode to the love these two people share, so sit back and enjoy 3Ring Weddings handy work. The event came together with the help of B Moore Events, and there's also a lovely little photo gallery with shots from Lacey For Scobey Photography.
From 3Ring Weddings... Some couples shine, some radiate, and some, like Kofi and Candace, reflect.

When I say reflect I'm not just talking about a sort of introspective posture (although that is very much a part of Kofi and Candace's life as well). Rather, I'm talking about their ability to reflect good on the other. Kofi and Candace are opposites in many ways. He's more "A-Type" and she is more "free spirited". The good that comes from these differences reflects on to the other and makes growth and mutual encouragement possible. Candace backed this up when she remarked; “He’s able to, in a loving and gentle way, focus me in on that potential and then we’re both amazed at the outcome.” Kofi likewise benefits from Candace's differences. “She lifts me, she encourages me, she supports me and she stands by my side. That support and that encouragement is unbelievable.”

Their goodness certainly has helped each other, but their sense of good doesn't come merely from the other, it comes as a reflection of their faith - their definition of goodness. Kofi shared; “I think it's an awesome opportunity being together just to really reflect the glory of God in life all around us, in people’s lives all around us.”

When we release their story we'll share more about the importance of agreeing on a source for goodness and reflecting that truth onto your spouse. For now we hope you enjoy their trailer. You'll get to see snippets from their late April wedding that took place at The Foundry and was beautifully executed by Shaundra Moore of B. Moore Events. And I don't want to forget the shout out to Scobey Photography for always being a pleasure to work with!