Rustic Ranch Wedding Inspiration
June 3, 2014
M'dears, from the moment I laid eyes on this rustic gorgeousness from Carlie Statsky and Esla Events, I could not wait to share it with you. As an East Coast gal with a love for nautical New England weddings, you might never have guessed that I'm secretly obsessed with ranch weddings. And every inch of this bucolic beauty is exactly why. From the vintage touches, courtesy of One True Love Vintage to the vast and open setting at Devine Ranch, how could you not love it all?
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From Laurel at Esla Events… For this shoot, the team drew inspiration from three main sources.The ranch itself offered plenty of inspiration. From its grand-scale architecture to expansive rolling hills, the “quiet grandness” of Devine Ranch influenced both the design and photography style.

Second, we focused on blending the boundary between indoors and outdoors, something that I had been wanting to play around with for awhile. When I visited Devine Ranch for the first time — seeing the exposed stones in the main house, noticing the barn’s stunning line-of-sight, and walking around the beautiful surrounding fields — I knew it would be the perfect spot to play with this idea.

And last but not least, I wanted to put a clean and modern filter on everything. With a ranch setting, it’s easy to veer into a more traditional, busy, DIY look. Drawing inspiration from brands like Heath Ceramics, the idea was to create rustic beauty that had plenty of visual breathing room, and let each element feel deliberate and considered.
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