Circus Inspired Wedding at the San Francisco Exploratorium
June 3, 2014
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Have I mentioned before how much I love onelove Photography? Of course I have. Probably more times than I should admit, and it's all because they send us weddings like this designed by Robin Smith of Lyndsey Hamilton Events. You see, this is a wedding that totally bends all the rules, and I couldn't love it more for doing so. Complete with circus performers and gorgeous styling, this gallery is the definition of fabulous. See it all here
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From the Bride...James and I entertain all day in our professions, so we wanted to take a day to relax and put our feet up and be entertained ourselves. Since my ideal career would have been to join the circus, that was our first thought... Let's fly in the circus! Contortionists, aerialist, stilts, the whole show! As entertainment was our main focus, we chose the perfect venue, the Exploratorium, so all guests could play hands on with science experiments and never be bored. Gorgeous Esther Anaya, flew in to share with us her talent of playing the electric violin to bring some live music to our ceremony as well as compliment the DJ . We met the gifted Sam Johnson on the streets of San Francisco, and he graced us with his uncanny John Mayer sounding voice as he charismatically entertained during cocktail hour and performed our first dance song. Surprisingly, even though it was very entertainment driven, I expected other parts of the wedding to take a back seat, they didn't, we got compliments left and right that it was the best wedding food many of the guest ever had!

We started planning very eccentric, but in the end the wedding was decorated very classically. James and I are inspired by innovation and progress so the Exploratorium was a perfect setting, with charming touches like actual vintage postcards from the Panama Pacific Exposition in 1915 for our place cards, and for centerpieces we found old antiques such as gramophones, and railroad lanterns. An actual vintage typewriter I had sent from England was another vintage touch that complimented our telegram save the dates, while guest typed out their well wishes to us, hilarious honeymoon reading material by the way! Cotton Candy machines and specialty his/her Ringmaster/ Diving Doll drinks on a smoking chemistry lab bar were fun as well.

My advice:
1) Hire a wedding planner. Best decision I made. I truly had the most amazing stress free day. The day was relaxed, and so slow, I got to enjoy every single second of it and really soak it in. I sat and played the piano for hours and reflected while someone else ran around solving problems.
2) I didn't want a videographer but my patient recommended Cloudless to us, and I figured, well we do have a very active, movement based wedding, I'll give it a shot. Boy... amazing decision, it is a video you can relive over and over and to have moving pictures of the most amazing day, that for many couples is over in the blink of an eye, a video helps that day last forever.
3) Make choices that satisfy you and your partner. In the end, this is your day, yes of course be kind and courteous to others opinions, but choose a photographer that shares your artistic style as you'll look at those picture for decades, choose the dress you feel stunning in, choose the people you want standing by your side, be true to the two of you and take the time to enjoy this amazing time in your lives.
4) Oh... consider doing a boudoir shot with onelove photography and presenting it to your groom as your gift, it is a fun day for you filled with pampering and feeling sexy and it is certainly something that your partner will enjoy for years to come.

Highlight of the day:To finally marry the love of my life after 10 years was the best highlight. To walk down the aisle and see his soul and face knowing with 100% of my being that I found the perfect partner for me was momentous. To have his South African family here to celebrate, to have my Hong Kong family here and our dearest and nearest to witness our commitment to each other was a dream come true. Then to celebrate afterwards at the most amazing reception was icing on the cake. We were fortunate enough to seal our wedding time with a honeymoon in Bora Bora, aka... heaven on this planet. If you have the chance to ever get there in this lifetime, you will be the luckiest most grateful person ever! I thank everyone who participated in creating the most remarkable memories for me and James.