"Big Ol' Party" Wedding Film in Melbourne
June 3, 2014
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It's refreshing to see people who have their priorities in order. For Shelley and Roy, priority #1: fun! Their summer wedding was full of bright flowers (from Botanics of Melbourne) laughter, dancing, more laughter, and of course, more dancing. For a peek at the festivities sit back and enjoy the video from Purple Ribbon Weddings below. There are also some charming images from Beck Rocchi Photography here.
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From The Bride...Roy and I were in Israel visiting his family and he planned for us to go to Tel Aviv for the day with some of his family members. After a day of shopping, exploring and eating his family went back home and it was just the two of us. We had some time to kill before dinner with friends and we decided to go for a walk. Not coping with the heat, I suggested sitting at the nearest bar/café which had a view of the beach and cold drinks. We sat down to a beer and French fries and started chatting about the holiday so far. He asked if I was enjoying myself to which I replied, "I couldn’t be any happier, I am having the most amazing time." He asked if I was sure, to which I replied ‘of course I am!

Roy’s face changed to an awkward, nervous smile to which he then pulled a ring out of his pocket and said.. “Well Shelley, will you be mine forever?” and showed me the ring. I burst into tears and kissed him over and over before saying yes. It was perfect, not elaborate, not cheesy, yet totally perfect. Not planned (he was going to propose when we got back to Australia but had purchased the ring that day after ordering it months prior), so perfect with the sun setting over the ocean in front of us, a beautiful breeze that had broken the heat and beer and chips!

There really wasn’t a theme to the wedding but I guess you could say the theme was simplicity & just a big old party. We really wanted to create a wedding that was fun for us as much as it would be for the guests and reflecting us as a couple. Working in the wedding industry myself, I had worked out exactly what was the most difficult parts of a wedding and what stressed people out the most and then eliminated those factors. I wanted to really enjoy the process, get excited and enjoy being engaged rather than plan elaborate styling adventures and difficult running sheets which were down to the minute. The priority was the experience itself. As we had minimal traditions and festivities through the night I wanted to make sure the ceremony was an amazing start to the night, which it was. We had Jon Von Goes marry us and considering how many celebrants I have seen over the years I couldn’t be happier to have Jon there! He suited us perfectly and let us be ourselves and enjoy the ceremony as opposed to being nervous and looking awkward!