New York City Elopement
June 2, 2014
Tri State
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I can't describe it any better than this: elopements make my heart sing.  And when I see a duo as stylish and cute as these two lovebirds tying the knot in one of the greatest cities on earth, it's literally the happiest day I'll have all week.  From the beautiful bouquet arranged by the groom to the sweet ceremony and beyond, these two are awesome.  See it all captured by Amy Rizzuto right here.
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From Amy Rizzuto... You know those perfect days where you just wish time could stand still? Those days where you literally stop and try to soak in every incredible moment? Charlie and James had a wedding day like that. Halfway through planning a 300 person wedding in Texas, Charlie and James decided to forgo a larger event for an intimate wedding in one of the most romantic cities in the world, New York City. Imagining a day that was truly just about their love for each other, they hopped on a plane with four of their best friends by their side.

On a warm September day, Charlie woke up in the Plaza Hotel and began getting ready. She and her two best friends jumped on the bed, sipped on champagne, and laughed continuously as Charlie got ready to marry the man she loved. A quick taxi ride took them to Central Park where the two love birds would tie the knot in the middle of the iconic Bow Bridge. With the old wooden planks as her aisle, Charlie didn't even try to fight back tears as she ran to meet her handsome groom waiting for her among the sea of people passing by. They promised to love one another, fully, wholly, and forever as the sun set behind the row boats and beautiful buildings on the west side. After a few pretty portraits in Central Park and a first dance in Times Square, James carried Charlie over the threshold and back into the Plaza Hotel.

The thing that stood out to me most about this very special wedding was the love Charlie and James so obviously felt for one another. They didn't have to have hundreds of people around them to commit to spend forever together. All they needed was each other, and the most romantic city in the world.