Festive Double Wedding in Carlsbad
Twins have double wedding in Carlsbad, CA at Leo Carrillo Ranch

Attention twins! If going through a life event as big as getting married seems unfathomable without your (first) better half by your side, take note. This is proof that double weddings are not only possible, but can be pulled off with style, grace, and leave everyone feeling included (especially if you get two cakes from Flour Power). Check out the awesome images from Inner Song Photography. Catch the full gallery here.

From Inner Song Photography... Supermodel twin brides getting married to their respective men at the fabulous Leo Carillo Ranch! Very down to earth and stunning bride sisters got married side by side to their (beyond) lucky guys! As twins, I can only imagine that you are beyond close and growing up you have to share everything… but to share your wedding day with your best friend and celebrating in the beginning of a life with new best friends!? Fabulous.

The party took place at the Leo Carillo Ranch [which in itself is amazing]. We landed some of my most favorite photos I’ve taken. The ceremony was beautiful and done creatively in a way to make it unique to each couple while still sharing the spotlight. There were laughs and cries, it was playful, fun, authentic. Keep in mind the task of marrying two couples at the same time and still making it special and unique for each of them… Bethel, you handled it perfectly. Each couple had their time and gave heartfelt personalized vows to one other, everyone was crying tears of joy.

The most exciting part was the challenge of everything of your typical wedding day, multiplied by two! It was like a Doublemint Gum commercial. double your pleasure, double your fun! We had simultaneous kiss shots to conclude the ceremony, simultaneous cake cutting, double first dances and I think one of the most intense moments was Dad walking BOTH daughters down the aisle at the same time... one on each arm.