Heartwarming Chicago Wedding Film
May 30, 2014
ModernRusticEvent Venue
I look at a lot of weddings, but hands-down my favorites are when you look at a couple and sincerely feel happy two people in this world found each other. That, my friends, is what we have here. Heartfelt vows, a beautiful sunset filtering through the windows at the Ravenswood Event Center, and most importantly, lots of champagne and dancing. So sit back and enjoy the film, courtesy of Beloved Wedding Films....
From Beloved Wedding Films... Danielle and Nelson were such a special couple! Their vows were so intimate. So emotional. The things that people had to say about them in their toasts were as if everyone was family. Making wedding films like these are what drive us all to do our best as this couple deserves it all. They started out getting ready at the gorgeous Raffaello Hotel, then met at the Drum Bar for an emotional first look. The ceremony and reception were held at the modernly rustic Ravenswood Event Center. The huge windows in that place are simply amazing when the sun sets! Check out this video of their amazing day!