Seattle Wish Upon A Wedding Vow Renewal
May 23, 2014
LodgeSpring Weddings
We fawn over gorgeous weddings day in and day out on SMP, but it's meaningful features like this one that will forever be my favorite. Because even though this vow renewal planned by Vows Wedding And Event Planning couldn't be more beautiful, it's the journey that brought this couple down the aisle that truly steals the show. It's their love. Their strength. Their commitment to each other. And there is nothing prettier than that. See more from Kimberly Kay Photography here.
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From Kimberly Kay Photography...After meeting in 1998, Jake and Nancy, who currently live in Seattle, became inseparable and their love and devotion to one another has only grown. What started as a first date that ended at a Cincinnati Waffle House has turned into a lasting relationship filled with love, despite the many obstacles thrown in their way.

While the couple planned on following up their intimate and romantic 2001 Italian wedding with a stateside reception, Nancy was diagnosed with breast cancer later that year, hampering those plans.

By 2009, Nancy’s breast cancer spread to her liver, bones and brain, further complicating her condition. In addition to living with cancer, Nancy endured a miscarriage and waited five years for a baby girl from China.

Nancy and Jake received some good news last year upon learning that her sister-in-law, Molly, submitted their touching story to Fab-U-Wish, a breast cancer foundation that grants wishes to women with breast cancer. Bright Pink supporter and E! News personality Giuliana Rancic’s Fab-U-Wish in partnership with Bright Pink, Brides for a Cause and Wish Upon a Wedding gave this deserving couple a dream vow renewal along with the reception they never had on April 24th.

Despite the unimaginable difficulties she has been faced with, Nancy, along with Jake by her side, has handled everything life has thrown at her with grace and she continues to remain strong and positive throughout her fight.

Nancy and Jake’s wedding vow renewal was one of the very first hosted by the Wish Upon a Wedding Foundation for the Northwest. We felt incredibly honored and humbled to take part in providing the photography services. We were so impressed with how amazing each staff member with Wish Upon A Wedding was with regards to the sensitive, loving touch and hard work they put into the planning and the execution of Nancy’s and Jake’s special day…from the first correspondence down to every single little detail! Wish Upon a Wedding took phenomenal care of Nancy and Jake as well as all wedding vendors involved with this event. The day couldn’t have been any more magical! Wish Upon A Wedding is a top notch foundation and I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone seeking to have a wedding wish fulfilled!

Lastly… we were so honored to capture such a beautiful love story! Nancy and Jake you are a true inspiration of what marriage should be. We feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to meet you both and capture some ever lasting memories for you!