Hot Air Balloon Inspiration
May 23, 2014
Tri State
I'm not trying to brag, but we sort of have this kicking off the weekend in style thing down to a science. And it's beautiful shoots like this one from the talented team of Jenelle Kappe Photography and Dea + Bean that deserve all of the credit.  I'm talking stunning whimsical details meets a whole lot of hot air balloon inspired pretty.  It's perfection, lovelies.  See it all in the full gallery.
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From Jenelle Kappe Photography... For this styled shoot, we were inspired by one of the most magical and beautiful things one can think of: hot air balloons! We knew we wanted to incorporate hot air balloons into the shoot as much as possible without actually have a real one (we wish!). From the invitations to the centerpieces to the cupcake toppers, we wanted these amazing and colorful balloons to set the tone. Perhaps my favorite of all the details was the escort cards! Each guest's name was printed on balloon-shaped cards which were stuck into mini Reese's peanut butter cup candies for the basket!

We wanted to create an atmosphere that was casual, playful, fun, and a little bit rustic. We knew we wanted a natural setting for the theme, so we found Tatum Park in Central New Jersey and it worked perfectly to create the low-key, outdoor backdrop that we wanted. Against the park's beautiful landscape, we layered in subtle vintage elements like the old picnic table and stacked crates for the dessert area, a mostly earth tone color palette with pops of pink and yellow, eclectic table setting and a unique play on the floral centerpiece with a crafted hot hair balloon. The stationery by Dea + Bean followed the idea of a playful and fun feel. The hot air balloon theme really came through and the design was unique and modern, not too serious.

To achieve a bohemian and low-key vibe, we needed a couple who didn't take themselves (or their wedding day) too seriously! These two are dating (but not married) and their easy-going personalities and love for each other made it effortless to capture looks of adoration. We chose to dress them pretty casually, each with two looks, one of them barefoot! Courtney looked naturally gorgeous in an off-white crochet lace dress, floral crown, and natural, minimal makeup for look one, and a flowy, white, crisscross back dress with a statement necklace for look two. John donned suspenders, denim jeans, and bow-tie for his first look and red slacks and navy gingham shirt for his second look.