Beautiful Al Fresco Wedding in Anaheim
May 19, 2014
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Taking a vow to love and support someone until the very end is a beautiful thing to promise. This wedding, photographed (appropriately) by Love Is A Big Deal, embraces that gravity with open arms. The Anaheim Hills provide a dramatic backdrop for a day surrounded by friends, family, and let's not forget the love. Rich red and blue hues also do a lot to warm the heart. You can find more images here.
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From the Bride... Throughout the wedding planning process it was important to both of us to have our community in mind. Since they have helped shape and cultivate our relationship, we wanted the core of our wedding to be not just our story, but the bigger story of all of us journeying through life together. We couldn’t wait to make a covenant to each other, and wanted to make sure our friends and families knew they have a role to play in that. Some memorable moments we had included Louie’s dad marrying us, which was an extreme privilege to have the man that raised and loved Louie his whole life up there blessing our marriage. We also had Laurie (Louie’s mom) do all of the incredible flower arrangements, decorations, and an endless list of behind the scenes magic-making. Michiko’s mom and other friends did the baking, and had countless friends helping out on the actual wedding day.

As we look back on that day, it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed with feeling truly celebrated and loved. Not a moment went by where we didn’t feel the tremendous joy our community has had for us all along. We were blown away by the amount of people that came up to us genuinely happy, and shared with us how special it was to be there and that they could not be happier to celebrate us. Since we like to get crazy, we were pumped that Meg and Josh (who we could not have been happier with) were feeling the call of wild as well. They brought us some animal masks to wear during the dancing… let’s just say it turned things waaay up and solidified their status in our minds as truly heroic human beings.The entire night could not have been more fun, spontaneous, and full of joy and love. And the best part about it all was sharing it together.