DIY Romantic Beach Wedding at Levyland Estate
May 15, 2014
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This wedding is pure lovely. The type of lovely you just want to get lost in all day long, because as you start to peel back all the layers, you realize it just keeps getting prettier. from the way Honey Honey Photography told the story of this couples' day with their gorgeous images to all the thoughtful DIY details, this gallery is one you can't miss.
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From Andre...The moment I saw Lyndsay, I knew it. We met through mutual friends on a night when we were both third wheels. As the night went on, we talked more and more, and then there wasn't a bone in my body that believed otherwise, I knew she was the one. After that first night though, it took some time to develop. We were living on opposite sides of the country. I was living in New York cooking, and Lyndsay was in Los Angeles getting her Master's Degree. An email a month later turned into weekly emails. This turned into a weekly telephone conversation. Before long it was my routine to walk home every night after work making my midnight Eastern Time phone call three hours back to Lyndsay in Los Angeles. Nearly two years later, after numerous trips to and from New York and LA, it was time for us to see what life would be like living in the same city. Lyndsay took a flight out to New York and I quit my job and bought a car. We loaded up the car together with as much stuff as would fit and we drove across the country together. I couldn't have thought of a better way to leave New York. After living and loving our LA life for a few years we finally made a trip back to New York, and it was on this trip we were engaged!

From Lyndsay...And so began our wedding planning process! After getting engaged in New York City, my first line of business was finding a venue. I was astounded at the sheer number of venue options, but quickly found the absolute perfect match with Levyland Estates. I loved that Levyland was in Carlsbad, a few miles from my parent's house, and on the same stretches of beach I literally spent every summer on growing up. It was not only gorgeous, but had such a homey feel that helped set the tone for the rest of the wedding and planning process. We ended up going for a casual, beach elegance that had a very natural feel. Browns, golds, and white's took center stage, surrounded by pops of pinks and greens lent by the floral arrangements we put together the day before the wedding. I let Andre take the lead on the catering and food as that is definitely his expertise. We also chose our DIY projects carefully so we wouldn't get too overwhelmed. My dad pitched in by making our ceremony arch and lawn games. The flowers were a great group bonding activity and was actually very relaxing (while the gals put together arrangements, the guys went out go-kart racing). We had my cousin's husband officiate the ceremony which was extra special and I discovered a new craft and past time in invitation/card making. All of our other vendors were amazing and not only came together seamlessly, but truly went above and beyond to help us create a beautiful and memorable wedding. There were a few days throughout the process that verged on the stressful and even had me daydreaming about an elopement, but let me tell you the moment I was started walking down the aisle of all our closest family and friends to "Clair de Lune" with my dad at my side and saw Andre's eyes twinkling at me from the altar I knew everything was happening just as it was meant to and I would not have traded those memories or that night for anything in the world.